SeaWorld Orlando Teases A New Roller Coaster For Enthusiasts Coming In 2020

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced today a brand new roller coaster is in the works for the roller coaster season this year. No details were released about the attraction but, it will be having “plunging thrills” and “predatory heights”.


SeaWorld Orlando’s new roller coaster is coming some point in 2020. Source: (©SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

From the teaser video down below and it seems it will be Arctic themed and the attraction is opening up in 2020, even though no opening date was announced. The last addition for a roller coaster, was the hyper coaster for Mako that opened up in June 2016 in reaching speeds up towards 73 mph. Based off the fastest shark in the ocean of a Mako with dives, turns, and airtime.

SeaWorld officials are planning to add a new attraction or experience at each of the 12 parks across the country every year, for hoping to increase their attendance for the company and rebounded in 2018.

Expansion for SeaWorld Orlando is seeking to save millions of dollars and went through some lay offs about three times in about 20 months, even recently back in the month of April this year.

More details for SeaWorld Orlando’s next coaster are TBA and stay tuned as they released to be shared here. For everything SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at

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Source: Orlando Sentinel 


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