Face You’re Fears Of The Yeti: Terror Of The Yukon At Halloween Horror Nights At Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando announced today of a brand new original concept house coming towards this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. If you think the Swamp Yeti from “Slaughter Sinema” from last year’s Halloween Horror Nights well…think again for the “Yeti: Terror Of The Yukon”.


Blood will run red in the depths of winter at Halloween Horror Nights 29′. (Source: ©Universal Orlando)

You will no longer be living the B-Movies and instead will be experiencing the wintry cold of Yukon, Canada. The snows will run red with blood this year and this Yeti as this famous mythological creature will scare you everywhere as possible. Here’s what Universal Orlando is describing the concept as:

Background Story:

“Deep in the remote tundra of the Yukon, loggers and trappers seek refuge from the frigid grip of an arctic blizzard. But out in the darkness, a terror lurks far more dangerous than the deluge of snow and ice. These unfortunate souls have intruded into a territory that is haunted by their worst nightmares. Enter a logging camp that’s been torn apart, floors caked with snow, bones and gore.  Right outside, screams are frozen on the faces of those who fled the towering monsters only to succumb to the elements. But there is no escape from beasts as brutal as the winter.”

Facing The Yetis:

“Just when you thought the only thing to fear was the elements, an icy terror will descend over you. Cringe at the trail of blood leading to caves none have lived to see. As you enter the labyrinth of caves, you’ll hear the screaming echoes of those who couldn’t escape the inevitable. If you survive long enough to see the end, you’re likely to find the remains of those who came before you and meet their same demise. You’re in Yeti territory now. They’re stone cold vicious and will stop at nothing for a taste of blood. If the cold doesn’t get you, they will.”

Halloween Horror Nights this year will return on selected nights, starting on September 6th-November 2nd, 2019 at Universal Orlando. Experience 10 houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more.

Tickets are now on sale by visiting Halloween Horror Nights official site by clicking the link here for more info about it.

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Source: Universal Orlando



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