Everything You Need To Know About Universal Orlando’s New Park For Universal’s Epic Universe

Welcome towards Universal Orlando Resort’s new theme park addition that was announced today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Universal Orlando’s upcoming park has been development for quite a while now since last year when NBCUniversal’s President, Steve Burke last year that they acknowledge and were interested in pursing of building a new theme park for the Orlando area.

The conference was joined today by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Chairman and CEO of Universal Orlando Parks and Resorts Tom Williams and Comcast CEO ,Brian Roberts.

The names that were rumored and circulating around and filed towards the United States Patent And Trademark Office were either “Universal’s Fantastic Worlds” that got leaked out last year in discovered by blog writer, Alicia Stella of OrlandoParkStop or “Universal’s Epic Universe“.

The press conference held today and settled the rumors for good and will be entitled “Universal’s Epic Universe” as this will be a 750-acre site and be away from Universal’s current existing parks; Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. Just to put this size in perspective as it was reported back in 2017 when Universal bought up more land for a total of 101 acres, with the additional 475-acres near Sandlake and Kirkman Road.  This puts the new park for double the size as one of the largest parks that Universal is currently building.

The new park’s location will be several miles (12 minute drive) and Universal is trying to push for a new train stop from South Florida and making a stop by the Orange County Convention Center that is located right by the new park.


The location for Universal Orlando’s newest park and how to get towards it. Source: (©Universal Orlando)


Here’s our first hand look for Universal’s Epic Universe for an opening date TBA. Source: (©Universal Orlando)

Orlando will benefit of having 14,000 new jobs with a increase job wage of $15 dollars per hour and Universal employs 25,000 people for the company. This is the largest investment that NBCUniversal and Comcast has ever invested in themed entertainment industry and rumored to be a 5-year plan for $8 billion dollars for the growth of the park.

The names for Universal’s Epic Universe for the lands haven’t been released by Universal yet but, its been rumored for some time for Nintendo, Dreamworks, Fantastic Beasts, Universal Classic Monsters and more. Here’s a park map breakdown posted by OrlandoParkStop to give an insightful look.


The rumored lands with shopping and dining for Universal’s Epic Universe. Source: (©OrlandoParkStop)

This also includes potential expansions later down the line, once Universal officially confirms the details for the lands of the new park.  Just to put this into historical context that Universal’s Islands of Adventure was first announced in 1997 and opened up in May 1999 and costed $1 billion dollars to build with the major overhaul of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for Hogsmead that opened up in 2010 with a cost of $265 million dollars to expand upon.

The Harry Potter expansions at both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are one of Universal’s biggest profitable franchises to be partnered up Warner Brothers Studios.

Here’s the statement posted by President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury and how he describes the big announcement today:

“Epic. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot in today’s day and age, though not one we use loosely. When we label something as epic, we want that experience to live up to the promise that the word makes. Which is why today we are elated to announce the addition of our fourth theme park, Universal’s Epic Universe, an experience genuinely worthy of its bold moniker.”

“Universal’s Epic Universe will offer an entirely new level of experiences that will forever redefine theme park entertainment. Guests will venture beyond their wildest imagination, traveling into beloved stories and through vibrant lands on adventures where the journey is as astounding as the destination. The new location will feature a theme park, an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants and more. Ultimately, this expansion will create more space and freedom to let loose and create lasting memories with the people you love.”

Chairman and CEO Tom Williams went out and further comment about this ambitious project and said that:

“Our vision for Epic Universe is historic,” Tom Williams, chairman and CEO for Universal Parks and Resorts, said in a statement. “It will build on everything we have done and become the most immersive and innovative theme park we have ever created. It is an investment in our business, our industry, our team members and our community.”

More details will be released for this massive and historical announcement by Universal Orlando and will be a new upcoming chapter within the themed entertainment industry.

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Source: Universal Orlando


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