Iron Gwazi Hybrid Confirmed For Busch Gardens Tampa By SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment held a press conference this morning for their upcoming season for 2020 in their theme park line up in terms of roller coasters. Busch Gardens Tampa, SeaWorld’s parent company announced a roller coaster that will be nothing like before entitled “Iron Gwazi”. Strategic planning for the company in moving away from live animal entertainment towards thrill rides.

Concept Art for Iron Gwazi coming to Busch Gardens Tampa in Spring 2020. Source: (© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) 

“When we build roller coasters, we do them a little differently,” says Jonathan Smith, director of rides and engineering for SeaWorld Parks. “We try to integrate them with the causes that we care about, such as animal care, conservation and education.”

Jonathan Smith, Director of Rides and Engineering for SeaWorld Parks next towards the reimagined Iron Gwazi. Source: (© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) 

According to Smith, he said’s this “going to be the best roller coaster for Florida” for bragging rights or if not plausible to be the best coasters in the world. Here’s the details for stats for Iron Gwazi-

Standing 206 feet tall in punching speeds at 76 mph in the Florida area. It’s one foot taller than Cedar Fair’s Steel Vengeance at 205 feet tall that became the tallest hybrid wood-steel coaster in North America. RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) the Idaho company has a long reputation for building some of the best roller coasters in the world to move past their wooden traditional coasters in replacing it with steel.

Source: (© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) 

Iron Gwazi’s is to deliver the steepest slop at 206 feet at a 91 degree angle in the hybrid category. The track length will be 4,075 feet long, 110 second course, including overbanked turns and twists with 12 moments of airtime. Giving riders small lifts of airtime out of their seats. The inversions will be a zero g-roll and a 180 degree stall that will keep riders flopped upside down for a few seconds as they speed forward.

The theme will be after a crocodile as the inspiration for Iron Gwazi for this reptile animal that lived on this planet for millions of years with elements of the original Gwazi design into this reimagined hybrid coaster.

Between Iron Gwazi and Steel Vengeance for height requirement will different for Gwazi for 48 inches or 4 feet, as this gives an opportunity for towards younger coaster enthusiasts. For Cedar Fair’s height requirement in where you have be 52 inches or 4 feet to 3 feet to ride Cedar Point coasters.

SeaWorld considers their attractions with a 48-inch requirement to be “family thrill rides” or what they describe as thrills for what families can enjoy together.

The announcement was first made earlier this year in March 2019 and will be opening up in Spring 2020. To find out more updates and information by visiting Busch Gardens Tampa’s official site for the link here.

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Source: USA Today


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