SeaWorld Announces Ice Breaker As The Next Roller Coaster Coming to SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment released the official name for SeaWorld Parks’s next series of roller coasters and for SeaWorld Orlando will be called “Ice Breaker”. The company released a teaser earlier in the year in what they are classifying Ice Breaker for “plunging thrills” and “predatory thrills” as this will be a  family-thrill roller coaster.

Concept Art for Ice Breaker coming to SeaWorld Orlando in Spring 2020. Source: (© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) 

This will be the first launch coaster for SeaWorld Orlando that goes both forward and backwards sending riders at 52-mph. Here’s rest of the details for guests can expect for Ice Breaker-

The backwards launch will steep at a 93-foot tall spike that’s banked at 100 degree angle with four launch points that switch between backwards and forwards to gain speed through out the ride. The launches won’t be straight and will have curves towards them so riders will have small moments of airtime. The total track length will be 2,750 feet of track confirmed by Brian Andrelczyk, as the park’s vice president of design and engineering.

Track layout and theming for Ice Breaker coming to SeaWorld Orlando. Source: (© SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) 

It’s being built by Premier Rides that are based out of Baltimore, Maryland and built a recent coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa for Tigris. It will have a 80-foot top hat shaped element that will be loaded with airtime according to Jonathan Smith as ride director and engineering for SeaWorld Parks in being “unusual, crazy, fun and thrilling experience”.

“What’s really cool about the launch experience is that there are camelbacks (airtime-generating hump-shaped hills) integrated into the track,” SeaWorld’s Smith says. “Passengers will experience airtime while they are launching. Airtime going backwards is very unique.”

Ice Breaker’s height requirement will be 48 inches tall to fall under the “family thrill ride” category that will be located in the Wild Arctic plaza towards the ride’s ice theme and also will not have animals within the ride or queue.

The last roller coaster added towards SeaWorld Orlando was Mako, a hyper coaster themed towards the Mako shark and that opened up back in June 2016. Ice Breaker will be opening up in Spring 2020 in that time frame along with Iron Gwazi for Busch Gardens Tampa in which you can read the full details here about it.

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Source: USA Today Orlando Sentinel


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