Snow White’s Scary Adventures Will Be Getting New Upgrades And Enhancements At Disneyland Resort

As one of the most classic Disney attractions that Walt Disney Imagineering has created at the Disneyland Resort, for Snow White’s Scary Adventures is getting the love and attention it deserves to be getting. Some brand new upgrades and enhancements will be added towards the attraction at Fantasyland at the resort.

This will not be only attraction getting the refurbishment overhaul and this also includes Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye will also be getting a $300,000 massive overhaul in which the attraction is located in Adventureland at the park.  This includes in replacing the plank bridge and it’s steel structure in the show set of the attraction and refurbish rockwork. This was filed under a City of Anahiem permit for the the complete costs.

Artist Concept Only for one the new show scenes to be featured for upcoming refurbishment for Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Source: (© Disney)

Snow White Scary Adventures is going to cost Disney more for this upgrade that is also filed underneath a City of Anaheim permit for a whopping  cost $445,000 dollars that was reported earlier this month by Mercury News.

Walt Disney Imagineering is going to be giving the classic fairytale princess in enhancing the details and all-new show scenes. For example, a new vignette will show Snow White in a beautiful forest setting waking up from her deep sleep. The attraction will also include of Snow White reuniting with her animal friends and the shimmering castle is glowing in the background, just like right from Walt Disney’s animated classic film.

Artist Concept Only for one new ending scenes for Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Source: (© Disney)

State-of-the-art audio and visual technology throughout the attraction, including new music, LED black lighting, laser projections and a new animation system will be also included for this big upgrade. The facade exterior will be completely refreshed with new, fairy tale-inspired details to complement Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

The attraction has undergone some previous changes as, this isn’t the first time it has been done and has been dated as far as back in 1983 when a new version of Fantasyland was reveled.

The last day of operations before it goes down for refurbishment will be on January 6th, 2020 and stay tuned for more details for this beloved and classic Disneyland attraction!

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Source: Disney



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