Spaceship Earth Will Be Getting Will Be A Transformation Starting This Spring At Epcot

As one of the crown jewels through out Walt Disney World at Epcot of the main focal piece of Spaceship Earth serves a symbol and will evolve as the park’s transformation is getting major updates. Walt Disney Imagineering will be hard at work for introducing a total transformation for Spaceship Earth, that will begin on May 26th as part of this big refurbishment period. No completed date has been announced yet by Disney but will be most likely a 2-3 year time frame.

SSE Update
Artist Concept Only for the new inside look for the Egypt scene for Spaceship Earth coming to Epcot. Source: (© Disney) 

Spaceship Earth focuses on the story of humanity, following the long journey from prehistoric humans towards today and are brought to life with magic. Disney shared details as where guests will visit Egypt that is part of the current version of the attraction but, it will be Egypt never seen before with the “power of light”.

New narration will be introduced and how light plays a central role and coming to life in immersive and dynamic ways in a celebration of magic when it all comes together. A brand new musical score will be part of this new update.

Stay tuned for more details as Epcot’s huge transformation continues to grow and evolve with also more on Spaceship Earth!

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Source: Disney



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