Rumor: The Haunting Of Hill House From Netflix Is Heading To Halloween Horror Nights For Florida And California?

Editor’s Note: While this is all rumors and nothing has been confirmed with Universal themselves as this is should be taken in lightly until Universal and the event of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood has declared it official. 

Netflix blew the doors wide open within the horror fandom back in 2018 as Director Mike Flanagan adapted author Shirley Jackson’s novel of The Haunting of Hill House as it rain in being very successful within the millions who tuned in and binged watch the entire anthology season. Rotten Tomatoes still towards this day for the adaption ranks The Haunting of Hill House at a 93% critically acclaimed score on the Tomatometer and a 91% as an audience score.

Hill House Thumbnail
© The Haunting of Hill House/© Netflix (2018)

The second season for The Haunting of Bly Manor that is schedule later this year in being rumored in the fall on Netflix, as this will be more terrifying than the first season and further diving into the paranormal world for the next iteration of the anthology series. The Haunting of Bly Manor is based off one of literature’s most famous novels from 1898 of The Turn of the Screw adapted from author Henry James as Director Mike Flanagan will be collaborating with other directors that includes; Yolanda Ramke & Ben Howling, Ciarán Foy, Liam Gavin, and Axelle Carolyn that was revealed on Flanagan’s Twitter account.

Returning cast members with Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Pedretti, Henry Thomas, and Kate Siegel. New cast members will be joined, with Rahul Kohli, T’Nia Miller, and Amelia Eve.

No release date given yet for Bly Manor as production did begin back in September 2019 and wrapped up production earlier this year being reported by The Digital Wise.

Now many of you out there are wondering of why The Haunting of Hill House is being brought up for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood?

Here’s what’s we know so far based off the given evidence down below for this popular property coming towards the event this year.

Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando is ramping up for it’s big 30th anniversary and then followed up in Universal Studios Hollywood as numerous insiders are reporting and pointing signs for a “green light for go” for the The Haunting of Hill House. Insider Legacy on the Inside Universal forums on page 192 is confirming the property based off someone solving a riddle that insider Legacy has been hinting at.

HHN Orlando
© Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2017

The discussion further continues on the forum page 221 as Hill House was being talked about in being rumored of the where “Seeds of Extinction” (original concept) and Universal’s Classic Monsters is located for the show buildings.

Now to claim this rumor further as Twitter user and riddler who has teased previous Horror Nights properties for his riddles and some even confirmed in the past, even mentioned a direct quote from the anthology series down below.

It is not certain for what Universal Creative Entertainment is working on currently for the property as inner speculation can suggest in highlighting the great moments of the show from; The Bent Neck Lady, The Basement, The Red Room, The Funeral Home and more. Hill House has been a highly demanded Netflix property for quite some time now and it would seems the odds are “likely looking good” for this property in coming to fruition.

Hil House Netflix
© The Haunting of Hill House/© Netflix (2018)

The big partnership between Universal and Netflix skyrocketed after they landed a deal to bring Netflix’s most highly popular science-fiction series of Stranger Things for Halloween Horror Nights that landed at Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore back in 2018. Collaborating with the show creators in pulling off an immersive setting into the Upside Down and coming across with Demogorgons in Hawkins, Indiana. Netflix has been making their own content, and picking up the global rights to TV series and movies from other studios including Universal and Dreamworks Animation within company synergy.

Stranger Things Key Art Poster from Halloween Horror Nights 2019 with Netflix’s partnership. (© Universal Studios)

Stranger Things became so large within the Halloween Horror Nights fandom and even lead towards to be extended past the event for Orlando only for “Stranger Things Day” back in 2018. It was followed up in 2019 for the property to mashup Seasons 2 & 3 in highlight iconic moments from the show such as Demodogs, Chief Hopper’s Cabin, the Starcourt Mall and more. It gained popular attention from cast members of the show that they did a full POV back in 2018 in which you can check out here from Universal Studios Hollywood.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is scheduled to be released some point in 2021 while production is temporally on halt due towards the pandemic outbreak with other numerous Netflix productions.

Until Universal officially announces Hill House as we should still consider this a “rumor” and are willing to explore Netflix’s library of films and television shows within the horror genre despite the attraction of popularity towards the show.

Would you guys be interested in The Haunting of Hill House coming towards this year for Halloween Horror Nights? Leave it down in the chat down below!

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