Bob Iger Reasserting Full On Control Over The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek Still Remains CEO Role

It has been a challenge time over at The Walt Disney Company with the pandemic hitting and affecting numerous lives of many, as let alone some of the difficult choices the company has had to make even for one furloughing 43,000 employees that will start on April 19th. Ever since the pandemic was developing to spread across the world and the parks have been remained closed with the stages of first closing Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland being the longest closures ever since January with no determined date of reopening up.

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Bob Iger made the decision to step down immediate back in February of this year and appointed Bob Chapek as the new CEO role and now things have made a big curve in the road Iger has informally taken full creative control over the company. Just to make it clear that Chapek is still the CEO role position as he’s training under Iger to be a mentor role until Iger steps down from the company next year on December 31st.

Now with a report with a sudden unexpected change, in being reported by The New York Times with the reasserting full on control that Iger has taken over the company and in which he addressed from the following down below:

“Crisis of this magnitude, and it’s impact on Disney, would necessarily result in my actively helping Bob [Chapek] and the company contend with it, particularly since I ran the company for 15 years!”.

“And now, Mr. Iger has effectively returned to running the company. After a few weeks of letting Mr. Chapek take charge, Mr. Iger smoothly reasserted control…”

He will also remain “focused on remaking a company that will emerge, he believes, deeply changed by the crisis.”

Iger recently did an interview with Barron’s about “possible body temperature checks” much like what Shanghai Disneyland is doing currently before guests enter the resort area in taking any precautionary measures.

Even though Iger is no longer the CEO of the company and has been talking about it for a while for some time of stepping down and now Chapek will be expected to be a direct report to Iger with now due towards this pandemic outbreak taking over the world.

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Bob Iger and Bob Chapek of The Walt Disney Company.  Source: (© Disney) 

The workforce was addresed under Iger in which he denied of saying that Disney will have a smaller workforce, but change seems inevitable with him going saying “any decision about staff reductions will be made by my successor and not me”.

A Disney spokeswoman declined an interview for Chapek about this current situation matter.

Stay tuned for more updates and details with in The Walt Disney Company during this outbreak crisis.

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Source: The New York Times


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