What NBA Players Lives Will Look Like For When The Season Restarts In July At Walt Disney World Resort

As it was announced previously that the NBA 2019-2020 season to restart the season in July at Walt Disney World and what the players lives will be like in terms of where they will be staying, entertainment options, dining and much more. The Walt Disney Company and ESPN in also with the relationship with the NBA goes to show how much this is a big opportunity for sports fans to watch their favorite league and trying to back into swing of things in having life back to normal.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown for the NBA season and what the players can expect this year being in Orlando, Florida at the NBA Campus.

On-Resort Housing

Based off what teams of where they stand in the seedings based off numerous NBA media outlets and what they are reporting will be three on-resort hotels to separate them out to decrease the risk of infection during this pandemic. Those hotels will be Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs, Disney’s Grand Floridian & Spa and Disney’s Yacht Club. Speculation before hand was Jumbo House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and the recent new DVC resort for Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Image Credit: (© Orlando Business Journal/Jim Carchidi 2019)

The Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs will the”main hot spot” for NBA teams that players rank the highest in the standings. Teams for example that will be stationed at the hotel resort will be the Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks as other sources are reporting for them in “hoping for a good chance” to be going into the playoffs as the season progresses.

Image Credit: (Dad’s Guide to WDW/Andy Sanchez)
Image Credit: (TripAdvisor)

Next up is Disney’s Grand Floridan & Spa and Disney’s Yacht Club will be next team group standings that are ranked lowest in the seedings to separate the competition between the higher and lower standing teams. It’s not confirmed by NBA sources for higher standing teams in the seedings in being asked to relocate towards Grand Destino Tower for hotel staff to prepare rooms in the Grand Floridian and Yacht Club for guests, since the NBA is not allowing fans in the stands.

However, from NBA journalist Keith Smith is reporting that teams mingling with other teams at the same resort is up towards the NBA’s own discretion and not Disney’s to enforce that rule.

Here’s the full roster list based off the seedings and what teams will be stationed at and also the full schedule down below:

Entertainment & Lifestyle:

While players have downtime and not training or playing in the games to make sure they have plenty things to do to keep them busy and here’s some of those options listed down below from different NBA media sources:

The big takeaway was also for NBA players will get access to unreleased films that aren’t made available towards the public yet, even for Marvel’s Black Widow that was set to release originally on March 27th now is set for November 6th, in taking over Marvel’s Eternals spot in being pushed back on February 12th, 2021. It’s not clear if this will include the live action adaption for Mulan to set to hit theaters on July 27th.

They will have meals prepared for them by Walt Disney World culinary chefs with their teams, that can also include some exceptions. Players can decide to utilize private chefs for their food as outside food delivery will be very limited. Just like normal resort guests, for which all NBA players and staff will have a MagicBand as many Disney Parks fans know that you can use your room key, credit cards etc instead of using them physically. Players can also attend other teams games to watch while following the same health and safety guidelines for themselves, staff and the league.

Game Sites & Training Complexes:

ESPN World Wide of Sports to be the home for NBA 2019-2020 season at Walt Disney World. Source: Source: (©Disney)

As we all know that the NBA will be playing at the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex for restarting the season in July and from what Keith Smith is reporting as well, as numerous venues will be where the players will play and train at. The locations will be the HP Field House to be used as the primary game court, while The Arena and Visa Athletic Center will served as the home of secondary and tertiary game courts, and respectively to host the practice courts.

Also according to Smith that the Visa Athletic Center “may serve as a practice facility” as it’s not confirmed for that matter. Cast members who work on the complex with authorized clearance from the NBA and MLS leagues will be allowed for the tournament preparations.

If any players who miss out on eight games will get a 8.6% salary reduction and if it’s 14 games or more will be a 15.1% salary reduction being reported by Yahoo! Sports. Also if any player leaves the campus without approval and here’s what they can expect:

Plus for those who are curious for the map layout and here is also a complete overview of the NBA Campus at Walt Disney World:

Players and the Walt Disney World Theme Parks:

It was originally reported before hand the players and their families weren’t allowed to visit the theme parks during the season and focus on their work but, with now Smith is suggesting that “might change”. Disney is reportedly to offer after-hours access for players and their families after guests have left for the day, as it will be sole discretion of the NBA. Even though it was being reported before hand that guest public won’t be seeing a NBA player roaming around and funny enough that Milwaukee Bucks player, Robin Lopez replied in a tweet. If allowed this would be some great quality time for players to hang out with their families for some fun Disney magic!

Disney security will be trained to recognize NBA personnel as they will be strict and will not report on movement as, any movement will be in and out of the resorts will be tracked by Disney and NBA security also being reported by Smith.

Other resort activities for teams may sponsor private restaurant dining, boating, golf and bowling as it may suggest that Splitsville hasn’t reopen up yet towards Disney guest public at Disney Springs. Potential excursions may include Disney’s Africa Wild Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and of course the NBA Experience.

All these new guidelines and new measures to help stop the spread of the virus infection. Another interesting measure is being reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, where players are restricted for the time being from playing doubles ping-pong.

The NBA season is set to restart on July 31st and the matter is now for Disney to officially announce it as it seems like a legit-done deal at the point and everything is finalized.

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