Famous And Multi-Award Winning Bakery Gideon’s Bakehouse Is Coming Towards Disney Springs

If you think cookies and sweets were your everyday dessert, well think again as Disney has officially announced that the small and multi-awarding bakery for Gideon’s is heading towards Disney Springs opening up some point later this year.

Gideon’s Bakehouse will make sure you will think again for sizes for cookies and cakes coming later this year. Source: (©Disney)

Gideon’s products are known for small-batches, handmade, and the sizes are half a pound cookies and cakes! Bringing their own spin and twists towards different variety of cookies from Peanut Butter Crisp, Cookies & Cream and Pistachio Toffee Dark Chocolate. “This opportunity is truly a dream come true and will allow us to flex all of our creative muscle in both desserts and décor. We’re passionate, inspired, and ready,” said Steve Lewis, owner and creator of Gideon’s Bakehouse. 

One of Gideon’s Bakehouse products that will be available later this year coming to Disney Springs. Source: (©Disney)

When Gideon’s opens up later this year at Disney Springs as their plan will be bringing a expansive menu of cookie and cake slices, plus for fellow coffee lovers out their will include iced coffees for example like Original Peanut Butter Iced Coffee. Guests can find their own favorite cookies flavors and limited edition ones that will be offered for special daily releases. The company’s ever-famous Coffee Cake Cookie (that was only released one month a year) will be on sale every morning, with Hot Cookie Hour each evening for those looking to finish their dinner off with something sweet.

If your reading this correctly that is in fact a massive cake! Source: (©Disney)

“We’re also excited to bring more cake flavors to our new location, offering never-before-seen creations like our special line of Double Frosted Cakes.” Steve said. “There are more than a few secrets we have up our sleeves that you’ll just have to wait to see. It’s not Gideon’s if it isn’t a little dark and mysterious.” “We aim to even make the wait in line entertaining by immersing everyone in a transformative environment that will share our story as guests progress toward the counter.”

Collectible art that guests can look forward to as part of the product packaging at the new bakery location, which will be located at The Landing across from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. The new Gideon’s location is being created with health-and-safety considerations in mind and its operation will model similar guidelines in use elsewhere in Disney Springs.

Even more cookie goodness by Gideon’s Bakehouse coming towards Disney Springs! Source: (©Disney)

Stay tuned for more updates when these chocolate savory delights opens up at Disney Springs! You can also visit their official Instagram account by following @gideonsbakehouse

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Source: Disney


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