Universal Beijing Resort Announces Details For Universal Beijing CityWalk Coming In 2021

It’s been some time for an update on the upcoming Universal theme park for the capital of China for Universal Beijing Resort as construction is still plugging along as it was being reported earlier this year if construction would be halted due, towards the COVID-19 pandemic. While projects are still moving forward worldwide as Universal released some new details and concept art renderings for their own version of Universal Beijing CityWalk as the resort’s entertainment center.

Aerial overview for Universal Beijing CityWalk coming in 2021. Source: (© Universal Studios)

This will provide their guests with something brand new and different in giving them diverse range of shopping, dining and entertainment for freedom of endless possibilities. CityWalk is set to open up with the park in 2021 with Universal Studios Beijing, Universal Studios Grand Hotel and the NUO Resort Hotel in forming the whole resort. Located at the main entrance of the resort and connects the theme park, park facilities and subway entrances in allowing guests full access without even entering the park itself!

“As the starting point of every guest’s UBR journey, CityWalk provides guests their first glimpse of the beyond-imagination experience they can expect at Universal Beijing Resort,” said Tom Mehrmann, President and General Manager of Universal Beijing Resort. “However, CityWalk is also designed to stand as a destination in its own right, as a new high-quality recreation and entertainment option for residents and tourists in Beijing. We believe CityWalk will drive the formation of a new cultural business center, giving a strong boost to Beijing’s economic development.”

Universal Beijing CityWalk will house up towards 24 different variety of venues, including a multiplex cinema, 15 distinctive food and beverage offerings featuring both Western and Asian cuisines, 8 world class retail stores, as well of a diverse range of 11 retail, food and beverage carts. Bringing a fresh and unique experience to local customers, with the debut of CityWalk will center around five highlights.

Here’s what you can expect for Beijing’s CityWalk:

Highlight 1: A leading collection of new brands, first stores and flagship stores make CityWalk one of Beijing’s largest centers of the “first store economy”.

Three new brands and other familiar brands within Universal Parks & Resorts will be part of Beijing CityWalk experience including- child-friendly Cutie Cones Ice Cream, Southeast Asian-style Neon Street Hawkers and vibrant CityWalk Wubei Craft Food and Beer. Just similar like Beijing’s sister park for Universal Orlando Resort will also include The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar as making their first-ever flagship store outside of the USA, CityWalk Red Oven Pizza Bakery and The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen (Located at at the end of CityWalk as it will be the largest of any Universal theme park worldwide).

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen will be largest venue for Universal Parks & Resorts. Source: (© Universal Studios)
The popular pizza restaurant for Red Oven will be featured at Universal Beijing Resort. Source: (© Universal Studios)
Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar will be the first location in China for Universal Beijing Resort. Source: Source: (© Universal Studios)
Concept Art Rendering for Cutie Cones Ice Cream as a quick service restaurant for Universal Beijing Resort. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Kakao Friends, the beloved Korean cartoon characters, will also appear in their first flagship store in Beijing at Universal CityWalk Beijing. 

Overview for Kako Friends to be housed at Universal Beijing CityWalk. Source: (© Universal Studios)

The famous trendy toys brand, Pop’s Mart concept store worldwide will also debut at CityWalk. The 600-square-meter venue for Peet’s Coffee that originated in Berkeley, Californina will be the largest location in Asia.

Peet’s Coffee to be featured at Universal Beijing Resort for the largest location. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Highlight 2: The largest commercial IMAX screen in Beijing will provide the remarkable IMAX with Laser experience for local moviegoers, which also marks the first resort destination IMAX theater in China. 

This will be state-of-the-art for CityWalk Beijing as Universal CityWalk Cinema is located at the center of CityWalk and set to be of the most distinctive high-end cinemas in Beijing. It will hold up towards 11 theaters and 2,000 seats and will be also hosting premieres and VIP events with the largest commercial IMAX Laser Theater in Beijing!

CityWalk Beijing will be the largest IMAX theater specifically accustomed towards the resort in China. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Highlight 3: In addition to offering unique shopping and dining choices, CityWalk will also provide guests with diverse interactive experiences and high-quality services. 

CityWalk Wubei Craft Food and Beer will be a craft beer restaurant combined with more traditional Chinese sights, sounds and tastes with also featuring live music at night. Blazing with neon lights, street signs, posters and all storefronts of a bustling local marketplace. Neon Street Hawkers will bring the energy, glow and taste of Southeast Asian night market to Beijing. With an addition that will include musicians and performers with regular appearances on the streets of CityWalk, with seasonal entertainment and will be hosted in CityWalk’s riverfront park.

Concept rendering for CityWalk Wubei Craft Food and Beer. Source: (© Universal Studios)
Concept rendering for Neon Hawkers as an outdoor food court for Universal Beijing Resort. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Highlight 4: In addition to the arrival of many new overseas brands, CityWalk will also feature innovative upgrades of numerous Chinese brands familiar to local consumers. 

Grandma’s Home will be reimagined in a restaurant concept theme called “Grandma’s Travel Home” in which is being introduced for the first time ever, joined by several local well-established brands, which will be announcing their innovative upgrades of new concept stores. The inclusion of these brands is set to give a big boost to wider their market presence, while providing with yet another experience brought by cultural fusion at UBR.

Overview for Grandma’s House as a restaurant coming to Universal Bejing Resort. Source: (© Universal Studios)

Highlight 5: The overall design concept of CityWalk blends traditional Chinese and cutting-edge modern design, drawing on Chinese culture and Asian aesthetics to present a fantastic destination for excitement and exploration. 

Several buildings in Chinese style will feature exotic elements and modern, bright and celebratory motifs. Colors of red and gold run through the entire CityWalk before meeting the iconic Globe of Universal Beijing Resort at the plaza in front of the main entrance of the park, forming an image calling to mind two dragons embracing a pearl.

Beijing’s nightlife will be totally changed for the next Universal theme park coming down the pipeline from both local and international tourists. CityWalk will offer unforgettable shopping and entertainment with full ranges of for Beijing’s nightlife to ensure their is something for everyone from a fun full day at the park towards a night out with the family.

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Source: Universal Beijing Resort


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