Hong Kong Disneyland And Government Officials Decide Not Move Forward With The Resort’s Plot Expansion Site

Hong Kong Disneyland was shared this week for the bright news announced by Disney for reopening up this coming Friday, September 25th after they just first reopened up earlier this year back in June. However their is some unfortunate news for the resort’s future site expansion plans between Disney and local government officials won’t be extended. Government sources are saying the land is to used as a “COVID-19 quarantine facility for at least for a few years before a long-term decision is determined”.

Hong Kong won’t extend the 20-year option as it expires on Thursday due “towards the economic conditions” while the Walt Disney Company said they were “extremely disappointed” in using the site for the near future. Penny’s Bay on Lantau Island as a 60-hectare plot as the size of three Victoria parks as of where ten of thousands of temporary homes could of been built for those on the waiting list for public housing. The expansion has been reserved since 2000 for a potential expansion according to Bloomberg.

Overview map of the Penny’s Bay area next door to Hong Kong Disneyland. Source: (©Maps4News)

Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited (HKITP) and Disney would of allowed a joint venture to purchase the land if was going to happen.

“The government considers it prudent for HKITP to focus on the development and expansion of the existing resort in the coming few years, rather than geographic expansion into a [new] site,” a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said in a statement.

A government source said their is no concrete plan for the land’s use yet.

Discussions between Disney and the government have been going on for almost a year now for these type of decisions and with the park failing in giving a concrete answer as whether to proceed with the expansion anytime soon.

“As we understand, Disneyland did not want to take the risk, but at the same time, it did not want to give up the privilege of buying this piece of land, so after consideration, the government decided not to extend the offer, which could have stretched for another five years,” the source said.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s first reopening back in June of this year. Source: (©Disney)

In a statement , the resort mentioned that:

“Over the past 15 years, the Walt Disney Company has stayed the course on its commitment to investment in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and the economic growth of tourism in Hong Kong, and will continue investing in the current expansion plan.”

“However, we are extremely disappointed with the Hong Kong government’s decision not to extend the phase 2 land expansion option.”

The Penny’s Bay area and which is half of the size of the current Disneyland and has remained idle for years.

Hong Kong Disneyland will be operating on a 5-day week for it’s new environmental conditions for the health and safety of guests and cast members as issued in a press release when they reopen up this upcoming Friday. Guests’s favorite characters will be implementing the same system as Disneyland Paris for “selfie spots” for social distancing measures and entertainment will within outdoor venues during the reopening until further notice.

For more information by visiting Hong Kong Disneyland’s official site to learn more for the implement measures that are currently in place.

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Source: South China Morning Post


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