Disney Shares New Concept Art For The Upcoming Changes At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

As announced previously that Disney’s Polynesia Village Resort is getting some hefty changes coming down the line with brand new Moana inspired themed rooms that is slated for Summer 2021 opening up at Walt Disney World. The hotel’s Grand Ceremonial House and guest rooms will be the big upcoming changes that are expected.

Artist Concept Only for the new Grand Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Source: (©Disney)

Zach Riddley as Walt Disney World Site Portfolio Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering has shared brand new concept art and details going in more elaboration to embrace the spirit of aloha and the South Seas from when arrive at the Polynesian Resort. The hotel resort was an opening day hotel when Walt Disney World first opened up on October 1st, 1971 and now will be ready in time before the 50th anniversary next year.

One of big changes being done for the resort will be a brand new porte cochere will showcase the iconic mid-20th century architecture the Polynesian is famous for. The creative teams at Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney World have crafted a design inspired by colors, patterns and textures found throughout the resort. The new entry way will feature a high pitched, open-truss roof that will be covered in a thatch style.

Moana will be the IP for the new guests rooms for the transformation at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Source: (©Disney)

The facade will be featuring pops of color complementing the Longhouses found throughout the resort and making way towards the Monorail station with bold new wooden screens will be covered with geometric patterns in bright, tropical colors that complete an exciting new composition that will greet you when you arrive.

Agricultural enhancements will be made towards the lush gardens and fountains for welcoming guests to the front entrance. Speaking of the entryway as will also feature dramatic lighting elements with beautiful chandeliers to match the existing grand chandelier in the resort lobby to bridge the interior and exterior spaces. The Grand Ceremonial House will still be available for guests during it’s dining and retail hours of operation for working to be done within the coming months ahead.

Work is expected to be begin for the changes starting on September 28th being reported from WDWMagic while the Monorail station will be temporary closing on November 2nd, 2020. The Polynesian was subject originally to be reopening on October 4th, 2020 before all these upcoming changes were being made.

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Source: Disney


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