The Castle Of Magical Dreams Close Hand Look Of The Stain Glass Widow Featuring The Disney Princesses At Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has been having an up and down week with some of the up’s of it will be reopening this week on September 25th and now also with a visually stunning stain glass widow at the Castle of Magical Dreams with representation of the 13 Disney princesses. The downer for the resort was them losing their plot expansion site in an agreement with the local government in which you can read the full details here.

Source: (©Disney)

Now that are construction walls are down and guests can get a better hand look of the new redesigned castle up close in which the castle represents the 13 Disney princesses roster and now with this gorgeous stain glass widow in which many of the Disney fandom can recognize down below.

The stain glass widow with all of the Disney princesses with this immersive detail. Source: (©WDWNT)

Their still some work left to be done on the castle and it doesn’t seem like a lot but, will be interesting to see for the final product once it’s done and not likely to be aiming for the park’s reopening on September 25th.

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Source: WDWNT


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