Disney Shares Magical Details For The Reveal Of Disney Cruise Line For The Disney Wish

As the highly anticipated brand new ship for the Disney Wish for Disney Cruise Line was officially reveal Thursday from Disney Parks & Resorts, Experiences and Products Chairman, Josh D’Amaro, Cruise Director Ashley, and Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek since previously that former CEO, Bob of Disney announced an expansion fleet back in 2016.

This will be the largest ship ever assembled for Disney Cruise Line that Walt Disney Imagineering is planning and working hard at and a ton of new details, concept art and much more will be in store for Disney guests when the Disney Wish sets it’s maiden voyage for Summer 2022. The Disney Wish is currently being manufactured by Meyer Werft in Germany as originally the ship was subject for this year and put on hold due to the current pandemic environment.

The ship will be utilizing the company’s franchises from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney for the rich storytelling that Disney is known for. So sit back and grab a cocktail drink, as their was a TON of details shared for this ship.

Top Main Deck To “Swim”finity and Beyond

Where a lot of the leisure and water activities happen on the top deck for Disney Cruise Line as the Disney Wish is going to be completely different versus their other ships. Walt Disney Imagineering will be taking Disney fun “to the next level” for the plans they have in store. Three districts will be on the Top Deck of the ship with the AquaMouse, Toy Story Splash Zone and an adult lounge area.

The AquaMouse that will be taking the animation shorts from “The Wonderful of Mickey Mouse” to feature immersive storytelling, special effects and show scenes. This will be a huge step from the AquaDuck that is a family-fun water slide on the previous ships. Spanding 760 feet across of tubing for this technological waterslide to be it’s first ever kind of waterslide done by Disney.

Artist Concept Only for the “AquaMouse” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

“Disney Cruise Line has pioneered many industry firsts through the years, including the first onboard water coaster and the first and only fireworks at sea,” said Danny Handke, senior creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “For the Disney Wish, we wanted to continue that tradition of innovation in a big way. With AquaMouse, we’re combining theme park thrills, iconic Disney animation and the magic of ocean cruising to create a one-of-a-kind water attraction unlike anything we’ve done before“, during Thursday’s livestream reveal.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse will take riders through an excursion called “Port Misadventures” and go under the sea to Mermaid Lagoon for some whimsical fun. Ride vehicles will go into a tunnel that that will take guests through the cartoon world of “Scuba Scramble,” a new animated short that plays out through oversized virtual portholes. Along the way, as guests will encounter curious sea creatures, familiar Disney friends and more than 60 water effects that bring the subaquatic hijinks to life – all perfectly synched to an original musical score by Emmy-nominated composer Christopher Willis (“The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse”).

They’ll zip into the forward funnel through an enclosed tube surrounded by dazzling lighting effects, followed by a quick dash through a dark tunnel that opens up to reveal breathtaking views of the ocean. After that, and will jet up and down through a series of speed blasters as they are propelled toward the finale scene. Towards the near loop over the edge of the ship, with clear views of the deep blue sea. Then splash down for a farewell message from Mickey and Minnie!

Brand new food and beverage offerings will be shared at a later date for the upper decks for some quick and casual cuisines with some character flair to it.

Toy Story Splash Zone is the other district for the upper decks for smaller children to enjoy some “swim”-finity fun for families for younger and toddlers. In this water playground based off Pixar’s “Toy Story” where Woody, Buzz and rest of the toy gang will have large rubber bath toys that move and spray water. Inspired from the “Toy Story” animated short, “Partysaurus Rex” as this themed bathtub will be also a combination of Woody’s Roundup and the outer space world of Buzz Lightyear, to feature two toddler sized slides, pop jets, geysers and bubblers!

Artist Concept Only for “Toy Story Splash Zone!” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

It will also will come with a smoothie bar as well called Wheezy’s Freezies for a relaxing cool down beverage.

The Slide-a-saurus Rex will be a double looping waterslide that will send guests “down the drain” with rest of the toys as just like from the animated short of where the bathtub overflows. Trixie’s Falls will be a six-inch deep pool with a small water fountain and a waterfall.

The last district for the adults and away from the kids will be called Quiet Cove for guests that are 18 years and older for a isolated “adults only” section to lounge, drink and soak in the sunlight. Located at the back of the ship to offer breathe taking views of the ocean from a luxury infinity pool.

Artist Concept Only for “Quiet Cove” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

While the kids are hanging out with their favorite Disney characters, while the adults can be at the Quiet Cove as guests will cool off in the pool and whirlpool spa, grab a drink from the Cove Bar that will offer beer, wine and cocktails. The Cove Cafe will be a poolside lounge to serve up gourmet coffees, teas, specialty drinks and teas throughout the day. It will have some Disney inspired art inspired from the Polynesian islands from Disney’s hit animated film, “Moana”.

Artist Concept Only for “Quiet Cove” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Adult Dining Restaurants, Fitness And Spa and More

When guests aboard the Disney Wish will also have two exclusive adult restaurants, entertainment venues, fitness and spa and much more for Summer 2022. Adults for 18 and over will able to sit back and mellow down and as mention before for Disney expanding it’s franchises all across the ship.

As this has to be one of the most highly anticipating type of themed bar experiences as Walt Disney Imagineering is creating a Star Wars immersive and interactive bar called Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, as a high end bar experience on a luxury yacht-class spaceship. To be reserved for adults every night as bartenders will be serving up beverages inspired from the saga films. Inspired from “Solo: A Star Wars Story” as guests will be drinking up some galactic beverages from out of this world. The space voyage will transport guests from the franchise from the Republic, Empire and the First Order. Even hyperspace jumps with a video projection in the background from planets within Star Wars and giving scenic views that fans know and love.

Artist Concept Only for “Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

It will even be feature a connection to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the planet Batuu and from the original and prequel planets such as Tatooine, Mustafar and Coruscant. Surround-sound audio and a holotube that presents holographic models of nearby ships will be part of the bar experience. More adult themed bars and lounges will be shared at a later date.

Palo Steakhouse is a staple Disney Cruise Line restaurant that many cruise fans know and love that serves up authenitic Italian dining with a modern take of a steakhouse and will be inspired from Disney’s animated classic of “Beauty & The Beast” with Cogsworth. Enjoy beautiful views of the ocean on the back of the ship that has been design with a luxury look of woods and eying catching metals. Since Cogsworth is the inspiration for the resturant as the artwork and details will have ornate clocks, pendulums and gears. A private dining room is also for people for up to 12 guests for more of a secluded dining experience.

Artist Concept Only for “Palo Steakhouse” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Gourmet dining will be served up from Italian and the best global steaks that will be from; American prime cuts, Australian wagyu beef (that melts like butter in your mouth) and Japanese Kobe and Miyazaki beefs. Beverage pairings of the finest Italian wines and craft beers and to top it off with dessert of a staple Palo dish of chocolate souffle (hot with luscious vanilla bean and chocolate sauces).

Artist Concept Only for “Palo Steakhouse” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Enchanté By Chef Arnaud Lallement will be the other adult exclusive experience by Chef Arnaud Lallement from L’Assiette Champenoise, near Reims, France as a three Michelin-starred chef. Chef Lallement for his culinary talent for the other restaurant for Remy on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream will be giving the Disney Wish another French type of dining experience.

Artist Concept Only for “Enchante” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

This will be more tailored for a romantic and lavish for fine dining over candlelight as the inspiration is from Lumiere from “Beauty & The Beast” with lighting fixtures for the two dining areas. For a private dining can allow up to 10-people with a design of relaxing blues and metallic palettes.

The menu will be high quality products and seasonal ingredients that Chef Lallement has come up with from international dishes with the culinary craft and philosophy of his years in the restaurant industry. When guests first enter the area, a glittering champagne room will be present with first class service and finest wines to.

The Rose will be the lounge between Palo Steakhouse and Enchanté as inspired from the glowing rose from the animated film through a corridor and exclusive artwork commissioned for the Disney Wish. The main entrance will be filled with golden accents and a plush lounge with red velvet seating, magical views and lighting fixtures. The focus is for a pre-dinner or after-dinner experience for sipping up some cocktails, fine quality wines and liquors. A special menu of gourmet smaller dishes will be from Enchanté and made up from Chef Lallement.

Artist Concept Only for “The Rose” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Senses Spa and Fitness is for the adults to stay healthy and in shape even though your on vacation and also to relax that the spa will be servicing private treatment rooms, lavish spa villas for couples, steam and aromatherapy rooms for guests to unwind down to recharge their body and mind. The menu will have facial acupuncture therapies, massages to help guests with pain improvement and sleep improvement for professionals for specialty treatments. The fitness center will be state of the art type of facilities that will have an exercise equipment, weight lifting machines and free weights. Including an aerobics and cycle studio and will have a complimentary fitness instructor to be offered and given classes out.

More brand new spa and salon experiences will be announced a later date.

Disney Wish Kids Clubs

Kids and teens are getting some major and serious upgrades for some of kids clubs upon the Disney Wish and will have an age group range that will be managed by expertise Disney trained counselors to let kids’ imaginations soar.

Let’s start off with Disney’s Oceaneer Club that has been totally reimagined as this club will feature more themed spaces than ever, from endless entertainment from storytelling, arts and crafts, and dress-up to toys, games and watching Disney movies. Also offering to have fun with their favorite Disney characters during an exclusive line-up of interactive games and programs where characters and get to hang out and play with them.

Also, something never done before as the Disney Wish will feature the first ever “rabbit hole” as a slide that leads right into the entrance of the Oceaneer Club! The club is located on Deck 2 and parents can check in on their kids on Deck 3 in the Grand Hall. It will be filled with artwork of Disney and Pixar characters including a stage of it’s own specialty shows, activities and character appearances.

The “Secret Slide entrance” to Disney’s Oceaneer Club just suited for the younger ones!

Marvel Super Hero Academy will be home to the Avengers for “young recruits” for a next generation of heroes and some of the Avengers that the recruits can meet from Spider-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther, Captain America and more. Recruits can select a super hero suit of their favorite Marvel heroes and watch their selection come to life in a holographic mannequin forum. Then they can suit up for “Avengers Mission Training” and will be a gesture technology game to put their skills and suit to the test to battle evil forces within Marvel.

Artist Concept Only for “Marvel Super Hero Academy” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

For those who are into Disney Princesses and Queens as Fairytale Hall can allow kids to let out their creativity at Rapunzel’s Art Studio, also can act and read out stories from Belle’s library or test out their ice powers from Anna and Elsa’s Sommerhus.

Artist Concept Only for “Fairytale Hall” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)
  • Inspired by her love of expression, Rapunzel’s Art Studio will be a creative escape where kids will have the best day ever making their own arts and crafts projects, like floating lanterns and paintings.
  • Belle’s Library will be a cozy corner for reading and acting out stories with the help of Disney characters. An enchanted painting above the fireplace will magically transform to bring the tales to life.
  • Anna and Elsa are never far from snow, even in their summer cabin. Here, kids will unlock icy powers during “Frozen Fun,” a series of gesture-based games hosted by Olaf, which include snowball fights with friendly trolls and a hunt for mischievous Snowgies – the tiny, playful snowmen created by Elsa in the animated short “Frozen Fever.”

As the sole creators of Disney Parks & Resorts and cruise ships as this another anticipated kids club for Walt Disney Imagineering Lab. This type of club will be the first ever of it’s kind and will have on interactive activities and creative experiments and even Sorcerer Mickey as Imagineering’s main character seen on Imagineers nametags and may even stop by “to lend a wand” or to. The Ride Studio as even Imagineering does create roller coasters as kids can even “create their own roller coaster” and inspiration from the classic Disney roller coasters from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain or Matterhorn Bobsleds. Then climb aboard a capsule and they can ride their virtual creation to see what they have come up.

Disney’s Oceaneer Club for more new spaces and experiences to be shared at a later date.

Artist Concept Only for “Walt Disney Imagineering Lab” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

For parents that are in need of babysitting services onboard the Disney Wish from ages 6 to 3 years old, for It’s a Small World Nursery in a whimsical environment based off the beloved and classic Disney attraction.

For the younger ones will able to play games, make crafts, watch movies, read books and even spend time with special Disney friends under the expert care of Disney-trained counselors. Toddlers will be engaged for playful fun around the world of Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters reimagined as “it’s a small world” dolls.

Each section of the space is themed to different areas of the world, with characters in each of their homelands. In the play room, magical murals will feature interactive hand cranks that trigger delightful effects. The smaller ones will able to spark some ice magic from Elsa’s hand, send Aladdin and Jasmine swaying on the magic carpet, uncover Flynn Rider as he clings to Rapunzel’s enchanted tresses, and more. A toy train will chug along the ceiling, filling the space with colorful lights, playful sounds and kinetic energy.

In the age group of 11 to 17 for the early teens and will able to hang and play their own way on the Disney Wish with fun hangouts and counselor-led programming designed to engage the unique interests towards their needs. It will feature an all new look and that combining sophisticated design with youthful Disney touches, these clubs will offer customized fun and, for extra cool points, secret entry ways accessible only to the VIPs. It will be called Edge and Vibe.


From 11 to 14 years old early teens will able to have fun, make friends and play games in a bright, colorful hangout inspired by a New York City loft. A grass-picnic area and graphic art displays called “photo walls” will provide opportunities for early teens to capture cool, shareable vacations pics. It will be located on Deck 5 as “secret entrance” to be hidden behind a framed piece of art that is a reimagined take of world-famous paintings in a pop art-inspired compilation of Disney characters, including Minnie as the ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ and Donald as Salvador Dali.


From 14 to 17 years old will a bit similar to Edge as they can meet new friends, watch movies, play games and participate in entertaining activities suited to them. Inspired by a Parisian artists’ loft, for this stylish space to feature classic architectural elements with an electric retro twist, with vibrant neon signs and funky pop art. Combine those with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean, and every angle in Vibe will offer a selfie-worthy backdrop for photo opportunities.

“There is no doubt that kids are going to have the time of their lives aboard the Disney Wish,” said Danny Handke, senior creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “The nursery is a fanciful playground perfect for curious little ones. The tween and teen clubs are so stylish that adults will wish they could hang out there, too! And where else in the world can kids explore a super hero headquarters, a royal kingdom and an Imagineering lab in a matter of steps? Put simply, it’s great to be a kid on a Disney cruise”.’

Main Dining Restaurants And Entertainment Experiences

Walt Disney Imagineering is rethinking for to deliver an immersive and engaging dining restaurant experience for the Disney Wish for taking culinary takes to a whole new level. From a theatrical dining experience from the worlds of Arendelle from Disney’s “Frozen” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be something for everyone.

“Sharing a delicious meal together is an important part of family life, and we love finding surprising new ways to show our guests a magical time as they dine on each of our ships,” said Ozer Balli, vice president, hotel operations, Disney Cruise Line. “For the Disney Wish, our three new family restaurants will be a feast for the heart as well as the palate, and all meals will be served, of course, with the incredible care and attention-to-detail that families expect from our world-class Disney Cruise Line service team.”

From the very popular Disney animated film “Frozen” for this type of dining experience Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure will be the first ever theatrical experience from the kingdom of Arendelle in being brought to life and featuring Nordic world-class cuisine.

Artist Concept Only for “Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure ” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Featuring guest favorites from Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff.

For families onboard the Disney Wish can be invited towards the royal engagement of Queen Anna and Kristoff and it continues the story of where “Frozen 2” left off. Elsa and Olaf will host the celebration with catering provided by their friend Oaken’s “Hearty Party Planning Service… and Sauna” and live entertainment by “local” musicians who specialize in Nordic renditions of familiar “Frozen” songs.

Guests can enjoy live musical performances from the beloved characters from the film and even guest participation to join the festivities with fun table crafts, hilarious sing-alongs and a grand finale that’ll have everyone in the audience on their feet.

Artist Concept Only for “Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure ” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Designed in the style of a theater-in-the-round, this purpose-built entertainment venue will feature dining tables situated around a small center stage and all the theatrical bells and whistles needed to bring a story to life in 360-degree glory. Invisible fiber optics embedded in the ceiling will conjure Elsa’s icy magic, and panoramic windows will magically transform from real-time ocean views to the colorful dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Anna and Kristoff are being developed for new looks by Disney Cruise Line and also an all new way to meet Olaf with cutting-edge puppetry that can talk and interact with families that chose this dining experience with of course, Olaf’s signature humor and comedic charm. A Frozen Dining Adventure will combine traditional flavors and ingredients from the Nordic region with modern, family-friendly fare. Guests will enjoy smorgasbord of superior seafoods, rustic game dishes and tasty goodness to the “Frozen” story. As you guessed it, Queen Anna’s royal engagement will be filled with plenty of chocolate for dessert!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now expanding into the world of interactive dining for the first ever on the Disney Wish for Worlds of Marvel. Guests will play a interactive role in an action-packed mission with the Avengers and the menu will be inspired from the MCU. This will be an upscale type of restaurant will refine the traditional “dinner and a show” concept with Dr. Pym’s technology and decked out in signature Stark-itecture style that offers the venue in all shapes and sizes. MCU fans will able to spot out the tiniest “Easter egg” details for type of experience. Dishes from Marvel will be inspired by legendary locales like African Wakanda, Eastern European Sokovia and the Avengers’ home base of New York City.

Artist Concept Only for “Worlds of Marvel ” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

From the presentation today and were a bit vague on it and the Worlds of Marvel will be shared at a later date for this original storyline.

From the man who started it all for Walt Disney as he founded the company back in 1923 for the long legacy of where The Walt Disney Company was first founded and will pay a homage to the golden age of animation and serving up Californian cuisine and heritage. Combining the golden age of Hollywood and side of Disney flair, 1923 will have two lavish dining rooms as you guessed it from the Disney brothers of Walt and Roy. More than a 1,000 drawings, props, other tools of the trade, providing an inside look at the evolution of Disney animation from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “Frozen 2.”

Artist Concept Only for “1923 ” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Guests will enjoy dishes of cultural flavors from California for families of a blend of Asian, European and South American cuisines and will feature local ingredients like fresh produce, wild honey and earthy pistachios. All paired, of course, with a superlative selection of world-famous Napa Valley wines.

Source: (© Disney)

The Disney Wish will continue Disney Cruise Line’s innovative family dining concept, where guests experience one of three imaginative restaurants each night accompanied by a dedicated service team that is assigned to their family throughout the voyage. With exceptional attention to detail, guests will enjoy a variety of dining experiences with friendly, familiar, personalized service every evening.

In addition to elaborately themed, upscale restaurants, the Disney Wish will offer a variety of dining options ranging from quick bites, casual dining and 24-hour room service to specialty treats, gourmet cafes and premium dining exclusively for adults.

Family Entertainment

Disney Cruise Line will also have something for families to create immersive entertainment environments to surround in Disney stories for unexpected ways onboard the Disney Wish.

  • The Grand Hall: From a fairytale gathering space into an environmental theater through the magic of built-in special effects and the first-ever atrium stage on a Disney ship. Dedicated shows and interactive entertainment will come to life all around the hall, putting you front and center as you play a special role in the magic. 
  • Luna: A brand-new entertainment hub that will transition from a daytime setting for family fun into an elegant evening venue for adult-exclusive entertainment, offering a variety of live shows and interactive programming throughout the day.
  • Hero Zone: A futuristic sports arena where physical activity will blend with imagination during action-packed challenges and game show-style competitions for families to take on together.
  • The Walt Disney Theatre: An opulent show palace that will come alive with original Broadway-style stage productions developed exclusively for Disney Cruise Line. 
  • The Wonderland and Never Land Cinemas: Intimate screening rooms that will provide you more options than ever to watch classic and first-run films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and more. 
Artist Concept Only for “The Walt Disney Theatre” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Disney Wish Staterooms, Concierge and Suites

Disney has shared more for guests when they stay in their staterooms and also for those who want a major upgrade towards the suites as well. With a brand new and fresh look that will be inspired from Disney dreamy stories for the Disney Wish to able to feel right at home that the ship can hold about 4,000 passengers.

Artist Concept Only for “Guest Staterooms” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

“With our signature attention to detail, Disney Cruise Line staterooms have always set the standard for family cruise travel,” said Claire Weiss, creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “All of our ships offer spacious, comfortable and functional rooms that uniquely meet the needs of families. On the Disney Wish, we are elevating this approach with a new level of storytelling and artful design infused with the theme of enchantment that brings to life cherished Disney fairytales.”

Imagineering has come up for every stateroom to be a mellow and dreamy worlds based off Disney fairytales with gold-leaf details and headboard murals that were exclusively commissioned for the Disney Wish. The staterooms will be a blend of classic and contemporary Disney stories in essence with the ship’s theme based off Cinderella (or “a dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep”).

The details are step up to tell a story, from pixie-dusted furnishings to delicate linen embroidery inspired by the fleet’s signature golden filigree. The corridors, where vibrant decoration that will remind guests from Disney’s “Moana” about rich themed carpeting, softly colored accent walls, magical lighting and unique adornments will provide guests with an intuitive yet artful cue to know they’ve arrived at their home away from home.

Artist Concept Only for “Guest Staterooms” for the Disney Wish coming Summer 2022. Source: (© Disney)

Every stateroom has been designed for families, plenty of storage space and upscale amenities. Most of the ship will have an ocean view (1,254 staterooms) including a 877 (70%) with a spacious verandah and will be 451 connecting doors to connect to other rooms for larger families. For some connecting staterooms will have a partition between verandahs that may be opened to create a bigger, shared balcony.

Here’s a small breakdown for what inside of the staterooms:

  • Most staterooms will feature Disney Cruise Line’s signature split-bathroom concept, with a sink and shower in one room and a sink and toilet in a separate room. All will include a bathtub – perfect for giving children a bath.
  • Enhanced storage options, roomy closets and elevated bed frames with generous under-bed space will provide plenty of places to store suitcases and other bulky items essential to family travel.
  • Little ones will delight in a secret starfield hidden above pull-down beds, with original artwork revealing a constellation of Fairy Godmother overhead.
  • Other exceptional amenities and highlights will include a 43-inch TV, USB and USB-C ports, large vanity, mini drawer refrigerator, full-length mirror, mini safe, hair dryer, privacy divider, queen and pull-out sofa beds, deluxe toiletries, plush robes, and lavish bed linens and duvets.

76 concierge staterooms and suites will be double the size of any of the previous Disney Cruise Line ships. Here’s more details on that:

  • Accommodating up to five guests, these rooms will feature spacious living areas, king beds, luxurious finishes and premium amenities. Most will include a generous private verandah, and most have been designed with the rich color palette and distinctive iconography of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Tangled.”
  • One-bedroom concierge suites will have a separate living room, walk-in closets, two 43-inch TVs and two bathrooms (including a master bathroom with rain shower, bathtub and double vanity).
  • Seven exclusive oceanview rooms are Disney’s first-ever staterooms located above the bridge. These will have extended living areas with breathtaking views of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the bow.

Four royal suites will be on the Disney Wish from details from the animated classic film Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” that will be two Aurora Royal Suites and two Briar Rose Royal Suites. Each suite will have a single-floor option and a two-story option for the first ever done on a Disney ship.

Here’s also details on that:

  • Royal suites will feature extravagant details, upscale furnishings and first-class amenities, including an extensive living area, open dining salon, sizeable pantry and private hot tub on the oversized verandah.
  • Each suite has two master bedrooms — each with its own opulent bathroom featuring a double vanity and either a rain shower or bathtub — as well as a double sleeper sofa in the living room and a third bathroom with a shower.
  • The two-story royal suites will boast floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning statement pieces, like an elegant spiral staircase and a spectacular two-deck-high bespoke stained-glass frieze.

Available to all concierge guests will receive  a premium level of dedicated service and access to exclusive areas and amenities throughout their cruise. The Concierge Lounge will be more than triple the size from previous Disney ships and will offer a full bar, delicious light bites, special kids’ area and an outdoor terrace with incredible views. From the lounge, concierge guests will have access to a private sun deck with two whirlpools, a wading pool, a bar, lush lounge furniture and the superlative service of a pool deck host.

Here’s an overview for the staterooms for the Disney Wish:

  • 1,254 staterooms (includes 53 concierge staterooms and 23 concierge suites)
  • 1,133 outside staterooms (90%)
    • 948 verandah staterooms (70%)
    • 185 oceanview staterooms (20%)
  • 121 inside staterooms (10%)

The Disney Wish will sail its inaugural season of three- and four-night cruises to Nassau, Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay beginning in June 2022. Bookings open to the general public on May 27, 2021. For more information and stay latest up to date for the Disney Wish by visiting Disney Cruise Line’s site by clicking here for more.

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Source: Disney, Disney Cruse Line Blog


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