Shanghai Disney Resort To Debut Mickey’s Storybook Adventure On June 16th

Shanghai Disney Resort is still on-going it’s 5th anniversary celebration and has announced a new live theater show, “Mickey’s Storybook Adventure”. The new entertainment offering will be ready on June 16th, 2021 and will be filled with unique combination of music, live performances, animation and transformative scenery.

This will be the resort’s largest theatrical show never done before hand. 23 live vocalists, characters, dancers and musicians, delivering enchanting fun and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. It will be 13 classic and modern Disney stories will be brought to life on stage. Ten Disney songs, with creative set designs, vivid backgrounds projections, elaborate costumes and lighting. Dance arrangements will be part of an immersive 28-minute performance and is designed to take into the world of magic and adventure.

Source: (© Shanghai Disney Resort)

The stage will feature a library and where a giant storybook of Disney adventures is kept. This musical production will have it’s moments, and focuses on Mickey and Goofy who suddenly face a situation when Mickey accidentally dislodges Olaf from “Frozen”, from within the storybook. As a three set off on an adventure to return Olaf back into the storybook will also include beloved Disney films. The Jungle Book, Moana, Mulan, Rapunzel, Zootopia, Princess and the Frog, Frozen and more.

Coming to life before their eyes as guests’ are invited to unleash the book’s magic and venture on a quest of curiosity and innocence. With a new page and each turn for the book, a new musical score will be revealed. As the show will be teaching guests the valuable lesson of that journey in our lives is a story in and of itself.

Classic storytelling and innovation with the merge of physical and virtual technology will be setting the bar high, to further elevate the resort’s in-park offerings.

Each world will come to life with different themed genres, styles and tempos. Fun easter eggs n will be hidden throughout the show and you might even see some Olaf-shaped ice cubes!

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Source: Weixin


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