Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House” Coming to Halloween Horror Nights

Netflix’s adapation take of “The Haunting of Hill House” that debuted October 2018 is coming to Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood! For fans of the show and this will be right up your alley.

Universal Creative Entertainment are back at it once again since the event didn’t happen due towards the pandemic. The anthology series will be created as an authentic and immserive experience from the show, while maintaining the level of scares you can expect from Halloween Horror Nights.

It will be focused on Season One of the supernatural show. Here’s some of the plot synopsis for the show as a refresher:

“Five siblings in present day being haunted by the paranormal experiences they had at their childhood home, Hill House. The show shifts between the present and the past with flashbacks of the events leading up to the fateful night when the family fled the house.”

The house is being tackled as a tricky creative standpoint. Since the show tells the story from several characters points of view and two timelines. Hill House will be the main character of the story, so no morge and funeral home scenes to be included unfortunately.

Source: (© Universal/ © Netflix)

Hidden ghosts are featured in every single episode including fan-favorites from the Tall Man and the Bent Neck Lady. Guests can expect the same amount of detail and character development from a HHN house. It will be packed with evil and spirited traps to scare the living hell out of you. Also, for sake of spoilers as Universal said and “you can discover your favorite ghosts and creep factor”.

The famous Red Room will also be a big scene in the house. Which is it being described as the “stomach” of the house. It can transform a person to “digest” for those who have seen the show. The design of the show won’t be your typical HHN house. It will have intense scares that will send shivers and have your hairs on your body to perk up. It hits you all at once for the “final scene”.

Source: (© Universal/ © Netflix)

Fun easter eggs that the entertainment team has added will be for the die hards of the show to point out. Details and props and even hidden gems such as the Hill House blueprints. Their maybe even be a hidden ghost as well.

Source: (© Universal/ © Netflix)

Merchandise will be also sold at both Orlando and Hollywood locations. Orlando’s tribute store will also be making a comeback, and more details to be shared at a later time.

Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary for selected nights from September 3rd to October 31st, 2021. More information for details can be clicked here.

Universal Studios Hollywood for their HHN starts up on September 9th to October 31st, 2021. Information and details can be also be read upon here.

Source: (© Universal/ © Netflix)

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is streaming of where your prefer devices are to be watched. The show adaption is also produced by Amblin TV and Paramount Television.

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Source: Universal


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