Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Universal Brides Coming To Halloween Horror Nights’

A two for one announcement was made for the return of Texas Chainsaw Massarce and the Bride of Frankenstein based off the classic Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives. Brides was around last year for a mini slice for Halloween Horror Nights for Orlando, since it was limited due towards the pandemic. Both of these properties will be slashing their way at both Orlando Hollywood locations.

Texas Chainsaw Massarce

If anyone know’s the Tobe Hooper 1974 classic film and then you know what “real fear will mean”. Enter the cannibalistic Sawyer house and meet Leatherface with his twisted family. You will be stepping right inside of the story and experiencing every scare and living the nightmare. Every room will be up fans alley of the Sawyer home, from the parlor and towards the blood splattering kitchen.

Leatherface’s tools of slicing his victims with meat hooks, cleavers, and carving knives and of course the iconic chainsaw itself.

Source: (© Univesal Studios)

Universal Brides

As a comeback property and also new for Universal Studios Hollywood, where the classic monster movies all started. The Bride of Frankenstein herself is stepping out of the shadows and taking her own fate. Her mate is also a fellow monster and so on. If you did the house previously, as guests will enter the tower of where Frankenstein’s monster pulled the lever down and the walls to destroy him and her.

She will be bringing him back at any costs, with her diabolical plan and harvesting one body part at a time. The action gets more intense with her and the Brides of Dracula, as she has captured and drains their blood for hoping to resurrected for who she loves.

Universal hasn’t shared if the house will be changed up from last year for this new take for the event.

Source: (© Univesal Studios)

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Halloween Horror Nights for Orlando starts on September 3rd to October 31st. Hollywood’s starts on September 9th to October 31st on selected nights.  Information for tickets, details and more are available here.

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Source: Universal


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