Disneyland Paris To Celebrate It’s 30th Anniversary Starting March 6th 2022

When it was formerly called Euro Disneyland as the resort open up it’s doors back on April 12th, 1992 as it welcome guests from all over the world. The vision was years of planning, imagination and development to open up a Disney theme park in Europe.

Source: (© Disney)

Three decades later, the resort has evolved tremendously with new stories, characters and adventures. Bringing in franchises from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and becoming the number one tourist destination throughout Europe.

The resort announced a big celebration, 6-months from now for Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary that will be starting on March 6th, 2022. It will be once in a life time celebration for the resort’s rich past and future ahead. Guests will enter a shining new era, where they will dream bigger, laugh louder and smile wider.

The 30th anniversary will be spreaded through out the entire resort and including Walt Disney Studios Park.

It will include a wide variety of special experiences and to create a festive atmosphere. The heart and soul of the resort are the cast members. As they are the resort’s signature service and exceeding guests’ expectations each day by going above and beyond to make every visit special.

If you wanna give something towards your family and friends for the holidays, as speciality 30th anniversary theme park tickets, merchandise or magical stays at Disney Hotels for a gift ideas. Disney said more details will be shared soon coming down the line.

Source: (© Disney)

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Source: Disney


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