Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Opening In 2022 At Epcot

At long last the longest indoor roller coaster for, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will be opening in 2022 at Epcot. It’s been a long and crazy week as tomorrow is Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. It’s no doubt that Cosmic Rewind will be more than likely announced at the Destination D23 event at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, on November 19th to 21st for the opening date.

Source: (© Disney)

The anniversary celebration will last 18-months as this “out of world” roller coaster will send guests through space and time. The attraction that originally housed Ellen’s Universe of Energy, and will be now the home of wonders of Xandar pavilion that is still under construction. Creative Executives, Tom Fitzgerald and Scot Drake of Walt Disney Imagineering did share a preview of what’s the current progress of the attraction.

Source: (© Disney)

Here you see them in the Galaxarium, which when completed will feature a planetarium-type presentation where the Xandarians show us their world, their people and their advanced technologies. This roller coaster is a omni-coaster, that is meant for the whole family.

It’s basically combination of a omnimover and a roller coaster, that rotates 360-degrees, that focuses you on the story to help out the Guardians of the Galaxy. It also features the first reverse launch on a coaster in Disney history and is one of the longest enclosed coasters in the world. It’s a massive experience that will match the scale and adventure of the Guardians of the Galaxy films.  

It will be in two show buildings as the big one is where the coaster track is located inside. While story details aren’t fully clear as, it’s been confirmed it will tie into the Big Bang theory and possible creation of the Infinity Stones.

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