Hong Kong Disneyland To Increase Ticket Prices On Peak Days

Hong Kong Disneyland is raising their theme park admission on “peak days” starting tomorrow (October 19th). As this is nothing new as other Disney Parks globally have already implemented the price hikes but, in terms for Hong Kong for it’s first peak day will be starting on November 20th.

Source: (© Disney)

The resort will be charging a 9% increase for the admission fee under a two-tier pricing system. Regular one-day tickets are $639 HKD ($82 USD) for adults and $475 HKD ($61 USD) for kids. Peak days will cost $699 HKD ($90 USD) for adults and $524 HKD ($67) for kids. A one-day ticket calendar showing regular days and peak days will be available on Hong Kong Disneyland’s official website.

Source: (© Disney)

New prices will apply for Magic Access Memberships, also starting on November 20th. A gold membership will cost $2,228 HKD ($286.42 USD), in comparison of the previous price of $2,059 HKD ($264.68 USD). A Platinum membership will cost $3,998 HKD ($513.95 USD). Which is a 11% increase of the previous price of $3,559 HKD ($457.51 USD). Silver memberships have remain unchanged. For student/child memberships under Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers are $950 HKD ($122.12 USD), $1,558 HKD ($200.28 USD), and $2,878 HKD ($369.98 USD).

The “Double Fun” promotion is available during the Halloween and Christmas period. Guests can enter the park twice between September 7 this year and January 19, 2022. Ticket pricing are at $699 HKD ($89.85 USD) for adults and $520 HKD ($66.84 USD) for children.

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Source: The Standard HK


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