‘Total Minnie Mouse’ As A Limited Run Event Coming To Tokyo Disney Resort

For the first time in two years as a full limited run event, “Total Minnie Mouse” is coming to Tokyo Disney Resort! It will run from January (Tuesday) 18th, 2022 till March 30th (Wednesday), 2022 that will be filled with the charms of Minnie Mouse. This special event will be held in both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Guests can enjoy a limited-time entertainment program, goods, and menus full of the charm of Minnie Mouse. In addition, content unique to each facility will appear at Disney Hotels and Disney Resort Lines, and the holding of special events for the first time in about two years will be enlivened throughout Tokyo Disney Resort.

Entertainment will feature “Minnie & Friends Greeting Parade: Totally Minnie Mouse” and “Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting”. As she will greet guests with the costumes and music of the shows that have colored the park so far. The event will be performed throughout the duration of the period and the theme will change three times.

In addition, in conjunction with the entertainment program of this special event, there are special goods designed with Minnie Mouse dressed in colorful costumes, as well as special menus that express the loveliness of Minnie Mouse with dot patterns and cute colors. A menu with souvenirs will also be available. In addition to selling accommodation plans for the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package, where you can enjoy entertainment and special menus, you can also enjoy content linked to “Totally Minnie Mouse” at Disney Hotels and Disney Resort Line.

Heres’ what guests can expect for the entertainment program options!

“Minnie & Friends Greeting Parade: Totally Minnie Mouse”

This will be located at Tokyo Disneyland:

  • Performance location: Parade route
  • Performance time: Approximately 25 minutes (1-2 times a day)
  • Number of floats: 1

At the Tokyo Disneyland parade route, Minnie Mouse and Disney friends will perform “Minnie & Friends Greeting Parade: Totally Minnie Mouse” to greet with the entertainment music and costumes that have colored Tokyo Disneyland so far. The period will be divided into three, and each will appear with different themes such as “Merry Minnie Mouse”, “Dreaming Minnie Mouse”, and “Passionate Minnie Mouse”.

“Minnie & Friends Harbor Greeting: Totally Minnie Mouse”

This will be located at Tokyo DisneySea

  • Performance location: Mediterranean Harbor
  • Performance time: Approximately 10 minutes (twice a day)
  • Number of ships: 1 At

Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor, Minnie Mouse and Disney friends have colored Tokyo DisneySea so far. “Minnie & Friends’ Harbor Greeting: Totally Minnie Mouse” will be performed to greet guests with the music and costumes of. The period will be divided into three, and each will appear with different themes such as “Sweet Minnie Mouse”, “Romantic Minnie Mouse”, and “Splashing Minnie Mouse”.

As of course their will be speciality merchandise to be sold along with the event as the resort is known for.

25 kinds of special merchandise that are designed with colorful costumes linked to the entertainment program of the special event “Totally Minnie Mouse” and Minnie Mouse dressed in a white dot pattern dress on a red background, which is a trademark.

Pre-sale from 17th (Monday). A variety of goods such as stuffed toy badges in various costumes appearing in the entertainment program, clear holder sets and postcard sets that are fun to collect will appear in the two parks.

Here’s some that will be for sale!

Plush Badge Set. ¥4,800 ($41.61 USD). Source: (© Disney)
Minnie Mouse Plush Badges. ¥2,500 ($21.67 USD). Source: (© Disney)
Clear Holder Set. ¥1,800 ($15.60 USD). Source: (© Disney)
Postcard Set (6 total). ¥1,500 ($13.00 USD). Source: (© Disney)

Many more items will be released on February 3rd (Thursday) with Minnie Mouse and Sakura motifs, and on March 2nd (Wednesday) “Minnie Day”. During the exhibition period, goods with the image of Minnie Mouse will appear one after another.

Special Menu

When you visit the resort for the event and can enjoy the world of Minnie Mouse that will be on sale December 26th, 2021 (Sunday), and a menu with souvenirs will be on sale from January 17th, 2022 (Monday).

Over at Tokyo Disneyland, at “Center Street Coffee House”, there are strawberry Mont Blanc, strawberry custard tartlet, dessert plate with macaroons and a glass dessert with macaroons, and a minie mouth ribbon. We sell “special desserts & drinks” with cute mixed berry soda floats. In addition, menus with souvenirs such as special menus and souvenir lunch cases designed with Minnie Mouse in various costumes will appear at multiple stores.

“Seasonal Taste Selections”, a dessert menu inspired by Minnie Mouse and to be sold at six different store locations. Source: (© Disney)

At Tokyo DisneySea, where the anniversary event “Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary: ​​Time to Shine!” Is being held, a common theme is set for each season, and six restaurants compete in a menu that makes the most of their characteristics. In the third installment of “Selections”, a dessert inspired by Minnie Mouse will appear. The theme of this time is “Traditional cuisine of each country” arranged in the Park style.

Special Drink & Dessert, ¥1,980 ($17.15 USD) located at Center Street Coffeehouse. Source: (© Disney)

“Horizon Bay Restaurant,” the traditional Australian confectionery “Pavlova” is arranged, and a lemon cake shaped like a Minnie Mouse dressed in a dot-patterned dress is combined with meringue and strawberry sauce to create a cute dessert. Will appear. At the other 5 restaurants, we will offer desserts with the image of Minnie Mouse, which is full of attention to taste and appearance, along with a limited-time menu created by the chefs.

Do Note: *The contents of the special menu are subject to change without notice. In addition, it may be out of stock or sold out.

Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel Package

In addition to viewing the entertainment program of the special event “Totally Minnie Mouse” from the dedicated viewing seat, you can also enjoy special desserts and drinks at “Center Street Coffeehouse” and a commemorative photo with Minnie Mouse in a “cute and fashionable world”. “2 Days to enjoy the view” will be on sale.

To learn more by visit Tokyo Disney Resort’s official site by clicking here.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The restaurants at Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offer special menus with various attractive themes of Minnie Mouse at each store.Disney Ambassador Hotel’s “Empire Grill” (California cuisine) offers a dinner course with the theme of “Sweet Minnie Mouse”. 

You can enjoy gorgeous appetizers with ribbons and polka dots, and cute desserts inspired by Tokyo DisneySea’s “Table is Waiting” costume. In addition, some menus will present original coasters with different designs depending on the season and store.

At Tokyo Disneyland Hotel’s “Kanna” (creative cuisine), you can feel the cuteness of Minnie Mouse with appetizers and desserts with ribbons and polka dots as motifs, as well as special drinks with the theme of “cheerful Minnie Mouse”.

The special menu of Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel “Sherwood Garden Restaurant” (buffet) will be the special menu of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel “Kanna” and “Dreamers Lounge” (lobby lounge) from Saturday, January 8, 2022. Will be available from Tuesday, February 1, 2022. The number of original coasters at Disney Ambassador Hotel is limited. It will end as soon as it runs out.

Disney Resort Line

 The Disney Resort Line, free tickets designed in conjunction with “Totally Minnie Mouse” will be sold at the automatic ticket vending machines at each station.

Source: (© Disney)

To learn more information about the “Totally Minnie Mouse” event coming to Tokyo Disney Resort by visiting the link here

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Source: Tokyo Disney Resort


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