Splash Mountain Going Down For Refurbishment On January 10th, Princess & The Frog Is Still TBA

If you have been following this long adventure of one the most interesting retheme updates for the classic attraction, Splash Mountain and will be rethemed towards the Disney Animation film of “Princess & The Frog”. Disney made the announcement last year that will be coming to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts. As the changes are will be part of the company’s inclusion and diversity culture.

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Disney has announced that Splash Mountain will be going under refrubishment starting on January 10th at Disneyland. While this could be likely just for the winter maintenance as typically all water based attractions do. It’s no doubt that this is the park’s most anticipated updates but, their is still no opening date or time frame.

As park officials at Walt Disney World shared earlier this summer of this year, and said “it’s going to take some time” according towards the OC Register. Also as Disney did share some recent new concept art that can be read upon here. The project is however was shared of being “fast tracked” that was shared by Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro from last year. As D’Amaro said, “certain guest facing changes, like the reimagining of ‘Splash Mountain,’ have been expedited to ensure that all who visit the company’s parks do feel welcome as well.”

Source: (© Disney)

For Tokyo Disneyland as it was shared summer last year and it will be “unlikely” for their Splash Mountain to be changed towards the retheme. Since the resort is owned by Oriental Land Company and not by Disney themselves.

As their is no end date that was given for when the refurbishement will be done. While many in the Disney Parks fandom are wanting the details of when we are we can meet Princess Tiana, Louis and more. Hopefully we can meet the Shadow Man (Dr. Facilier) to. As we gotta wait awhile for those updates to come from Walt Disney Imagineering.

Source: (© Disney)

Currently as both the Florida and California parks are dealing with the heavy traffic of the holiday season, and guest to enjoy this time period. It’s likely this is to early to tell, of when we’ll able to experience “Princess & The Frog”.

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Source: Disney


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