Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Food & Beverage And Merchandise First Hand Look

As no what better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary for Disneyland Paris for food and beverages with also exclusive merchandise for guests to get their hands on them. The resort is not messing around and going all out that their culinary teams have been developing months ahead for March 6th, 2022. So let’s dive in shall we?

30th Anniversary Food & Beverages

The resort has came up with more than sixty dishes from vegetarian options and other dietary restrictions catered towards their guests. This includes a vegan panini and a salted mashed potato waffle, desserts, and cocktails.

Source: (© Disney)

Full on table-service restaurants will feature new desserts such as; white chocolate and strawberry cake served under a dome called “Le Bouquet final”. Also an all you can eat buffets and will have a new 30th Anniversary-themed macarons assortment. Exclusive drinks such as the “Happy Birthday Cocktail”, or a “Smoothie with a twist” made up of blueberries purees, banana, and coconut, or even the blue “Enchanted Flute”

Source: (© Disney)
Source: (© Disney)

30th Anniversary Merchandise

Previously the resort shared some of the 30th anniversary merchandise but, now more has been announced been shared! Here’s what you can get when it comes available on March 6th, 2022 and also within the later coming months. From a Loungefly backpack, plushes themed to Mickey and Minnie, new Mickey ears, a special 30th Anniversary Sorcerer Hat, housewares, a Spirit Jersey, and much more.

Source: (© Disney)
Source: (© Disney)

For those who wondering as yes, the famous Mickey soap dispensers that have been at Tokyo Disney Resort for some now are officially coming towards Paris for the first time. The soap dispenser also arrived previously around Summer 2021 at Walt Disney World for it’s first time as well.

Source: (© Disney)
Source: (© Disney)

Pricing wasn’t shared during preview look but, should be released when the festivies kick off for the 30th annniversary.

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Source: Disney


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