Disneyland Paris Will Get Getting Two Day And Nighttime 30th Anniversary Shows

As the coverage for Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary continues and well in the words of former Disney CEO Bob Iger, “We are not developing one but, two!” and if you heard that right as the resort is getting two entertainment shows!

Starting off with the daytime show, as it will be called “Dream… And Shine Brighter” that will be taking place at the newly renovated Sleeping Beauty Castle. Here’s a description of the show:

“Consisting of three themes that celebrate the power of laugh, passion, and dreams, it will feature more than 30 Disney Characters and dancers with new colorful floats and a unique soundtrack. It will be an opportunity to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and their friends decked out in their new iridescent costumes, as created especially for the 30th Anniversary.”

“Many other Characters who have marked the history of animation will join them, including the Genie from Aladdin, Princess Rapunzel, and Jessie and Woody from Toy Story, just to name a few.”


A brand new theme song has been specially created for the 30th anniversary and will be called, “Un monde qui s’Illum”. Check it out down below!

Concept Art for “Disney D-Light”. Source: (© Disney)

Next up with an all new pre-show that will happen before Disney Illuminations. As this will be called, “Disney D-Light” for this show will be utilizing new pre-show technology for projections, illuminated water jets, lighting effects, mist. Also classic and modern Disney songs and drones to. This will be a “limited time” show and here’s what guests can expect:

“To kick off the celebration and for a limited time, a light and air show featuring 200 drones* – designed with the assistance of European expert Dronisos, Official Technology provider based in Bordeaux – will be performed so as to end this new nighttime pre-show in an unforgettable way. These synchronized drones will form a sparkling figure “30” in the sky right above Sleeping Beauty Castle, while the new theme song created for the 30th Anniversary – “Un monde qui illumine” – will be played in the background.

The soundtrack was recorded with a symphony orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, and arranged in a different way for this pre-show, to make it even more emotional. It will be the first time a Disney Park uses drone technology as part of a daily outdoor show above its Castle. This innovation is a new step forward in the development of experiences that are always more immersive and spectacular for Disneyland Paris Guests, where technology paves the way for emotions!”

Drones for Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary. Source: (© Disney)

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Source: Disney


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