“Believe! Sea Of Dreams” Set To Debut At Tokyo DisneySea On November 11th

Tokyo DisneySea is finally getting their brand new nighttime spectacular, “Believe! Sea of Dreams” after constant delays due towards the pandemic. Set to debut towards the public on November 11th, as before hand it did sporadic testing the year before in the waters of Mediterranean Harbor.

Fellow Disney and Pixar friends remind dreamers to keep on believing and making their wishes come true. The spectacular show takes place at Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea, where the waters are transformed into the Sea of Dreams. A place filled with “wishing stars” that appear whenever someone makes a heartfelt wish.

Source: (© Tokyo Disney Resort)

Transforming Mediterranean Harbor, the show features large boats gliding dynamically over the water’s surface, bright lasers and searchlights illuminating the night sky and, for the first time. It will also feature images projected on the walls of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta. The performance space is further enhanced by the characters from Disney and Pixar films and the performances of dancers, allowing guests to feel as if they have stepped into the stories of beloved Disney friends.

The Oriental Land Company has invested 9 billion yen (roughly around $66-70 million USD) and will be a show duration up towards 30 minutes long. It will hold performances once per daily located Tokyo DisneySea for the Mediterranean Harbor. Fellow characters include Peter Pan, Wendy, Aladdin, Rapunzel, Miguel, Ariel, Moana, Elsa and others.

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Source: Tokyo Disney Resort


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