Disneyland Magic Key Renewals Details Released And It Will Cost More

After a long radio communication of being silent, as now Disneyland has officially shared the details and change ups towards their Magic Key holder program. Disney officially launched the program back in August 2021 when the resort reopened up back in April 2021 in wake of the pandemic shutdown. Then fast forward to November 2021 and Disney stopped selling the passes for the Dream and Believe keys, and which park officials said at the time “to deliver a great guest experience.”

This time it will cost more in your bank account, as the renewals go live this Thursday (August 18th) no “earlier than 9am PST”. A virtual queue will be utilized. If your pass has expired or will expire before August 18th, you can call Disneyland anytime between August 18th and August 31st to renew your pass.

Some of the changes that guests have noticed in which for the top tier pass and has been replaced with the more expensive pass (Inspire Key). All Magic Key tiers have increased in pricing.

However the top tier (Dream Key) “will be no longer be offered for renewals” according towards KTLA. Disneyland officials said they are currently “prioritizing renewals” and new purchases will not be offered at this time. All Disneyland Magic Key passes will have different blackout dates and able to receive a 20% discount off for Disney Genie+ for their favorite attractions. Including discounted or free parking and (Inspire and Dream) passes will include Photopass Digital downloads.

The new pricing will be as followed; Inspire ($1,599/new), Believe ($1,099/was $949), Enchant ($699/was $649), and Imagine ($449 Southern California Residents/was $399). The Dream Key was discontinued and was $1,399 for SoCal residents only.

Here’s a breakdown for the perks and benefits of the passes:

Source: (© Disney)
Source: (© Disney)

Some other important things worth noting as well. The Inspire Key from December 21st, 2022 to January 1st, 2023 will have blackouts and “no pass” gets the 365 days throughout the calendar year. Inspire and Dream will get those PhotoPass downloads “soon” for current and renewals. Details for when people can purchase new pass haven’t been released and it’s only renewals for now and it’s a 30-day window as well.

The 30-day window in which you can upgrade or downgrade to another tier. Outside of that time frame renewal window and no changes to Magic Key unless new passes become available for sale again. At that time, you can upgrade outside the 30-day renewal window. For example, if you renew the pass before it expires but you have reservations for the current pass as your reservations won’t be impacted.

Disneyland has stated, “these passes can become unavailable at any time” and in which means certain passes may not be available for renewal at some point in the future. Or in translation meaning that not to expect any passes to sell out this week but, for those who are renewing to bare that in mind. For those who are “current” Keyholders and if you have “existing pass” your pass is good until it expires (even the Dream Key). When it’s time to renew, you can renew into one of the passes available at that time. When renewing and will be able to upgrade/downgrade to other Magic Key passes of your desired choice.

Also Disney did release a new updated terms and conditions and it even includes a new class action waiver shared on their main site. The language translate about lawsuits and the park pass reservation system. Back on May 2022 as a federal judge of the U.S. District Court moved forward with the class action lawsuit in which a local passholder, Jenale Nielsen of Santa Clara County.

As she has been working through the court system since November 2021 about the flaws and mislead use of the Magic Key holder program. Disneyland officials said back then, and have been clear about the terms of the annual passes and plan to defend against the lawsuit. As of August 2022 and their hasn’t been any updates in regarding about the lawsuit case but, the image down does seem some share some subject light about the class action wavier for the new approach Disney is handling it.

Source: (© Disney)

For more information about the Magic Key holder program by visiting their site and details to know.

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