New Nighttime Spectacular For Epcot And Two Neighborhoods To Completed In Late 2023

EPCOT at Walt Disney World got some new updates announced at the D23 Expo over the weekend from Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro for what fans can expect. First off that was announced, as brand new nighttime spectacular is in development, and being planned to celebrate The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary that starts in Late January 2023 but, the real date is October 16th, 2023. Which is the real date that Walt founded the company along with his brother Roy O. Disney.

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D’Amaro didn’t share the the debut date expect for later in 2023 at the Lagoon Showcase. Nothing was even shared about if it will replace Harmonious or be added on towards it. Here’s the announcement down below:

World Celebration And Nature Neighborhoods:

If you have been EPCOT as of recent or planning to, as their is a LOT going on for the multi-year transformation of the park. At the World Celebration neighborhood as Disney confirmed it will be completed in Late 2023.

This will be home towards the brand new Walt statue for a new location called “Dreamer’s Point” or the title of the statue “Walt the Dreamer”. The opening of Communicore Hall and Communicore Plaza, this central location in the park will be the new home for festivals and the perfect space to gather with family and friends. Plenty of new agricultural area to stroll and relax for this particular neighborhood.

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Moving along towards the World Nature neighborhood as the inspiration is to preserve the beauty and balance of the natural world. In addition as Disney shared that the walkthrough attraction for Journey of Water, inspired by Moana will be also opening up in Late 2023 as well. The new exploration trail will allow guests to learn about the story of water about our planet. Moana’s bond with the ocean, water has a mind of its own, and you’ll get to interact with it throughout this attraction.

Source: (©Disney)

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