TRON Coming Online In Spring 2023 At Walt Disney World

After many rumors and speculation as we got an official timeframe of when TRON: Lightcycle is opening up at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World. Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro confirmed it will be in Spring 2023 and which is quite honestly ways away in considering how long it’s taking them to build a near clone copy from the Shanghai Disney Park overseas. It’s also to consider that the on-going construction for Main Street Railroad for building a tunnel system and rerouting the train tracks as well.

Source: (©Disney)

D’Amaro said that they are “busy testing Tron Lightcycle Run and it’s really close to being ready for showtime”.

In Shanghai Disneyland it was a opening date attraction that opened up back in June 2016 and has been on the highest rated and guest satisfaction attractions still towards this day.

Here’s a recent testing in it’s full glory with sounds, effects at the Tomorrowland section of the park:

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Source: Disney


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