Space Mountain’s Transformation Begins In 2024 And Fantasy Springs To Feature Several Animatronics At Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland is about to overhaul one of their most iconic attractions for Space Mountain. The Oriental Land Company is investing a reimagined plaza area of Tomorrowland. It is expected to open in 2027 and cost approximately 56 billion yen. Normally, that would be over $500 million USD; with the current strength of the dollar and in comparison of the yen, it’s around $437 million. The new Tomorrowland plaza will express the connection between Earth and the universe, representing an image of a future where humans are in harmony with nature. Guests will be able to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation in this plaza where various icons and other design elements create a sense of hope for the future. After dark, the area will draw guests into a spectacular world of light and soundscapes.

At the D23 Expo 2022 as Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro has confirmed the work will begin in 2024, that will bring a new story and experience to the iconic attraction. It’s uncertain if either the current Space Mountain will be demolished and rebuilt. This Tomorrowland reimagined project will follow an ambitious $3 billion expansion of Tokyo Disney Resort that has continued to plow forward in the last two years without any impressive delay or budget cuts.

Here’s a comparison of the day time and new nighttime concept art:

Source: (© Disney)

Fantasy Springs Update At Tokyo DisneySea:

Next door at Tokyo DisneySea, as construction is well underway at a mind blowing construction speed for their upcoming eighth port of the park. The blockbuster Fantasy Springs expansion that’ll bring big Disney owned franchises such as Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan attractions to Tokyo DisneySea and will be debuting in fiscal year 2023 at some point, along with its park-adjacent luxury hotel. The OLC’s fiscal year runs from April 1st-March 31st by the company.

Source: (©Disney)

D’Amaro shared at the parks panel that their will be several audio-animatronics figures, including Elsa, who sings in Japanese and whose movements sync with the rhythms of the language. Here’s a clip down below for it’s fluid motion and really good it looks so far:

Also check out the vid down below for the upcoming ride vehicles for Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan:

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Source: Disney


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