Shanghai Disneyland Gets A New Look For Zootopia Central Station Announced At D23 Expo

If you wanna try everything and immerse yourself in the world of Zootopia for one of the largest expansions coming to Shanghai Disneyland, as a fresh new look was shared at the D23 Expo from Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro. As the new piece of concept art for the Zootopia Central Station, as guests will find animals going about their daily lives. Over at the Zootopia Police Department, which doubles as the entrance for the land’s new family attraction, guests will be greeted by an audio-animatronics figure of Officer Clawhauser. If you seen the film and he’s a huge fan of the pop singer, Gazelle.

The new area will feature “a new major attraction that will seamlessly blend Disney storytelling and state-of-the-art technology to bring this fan-favorite movie and its characters to life”, according to D’Amaro.

Fellow entertainment, merchandise, food, and beverages will factor into the land as well. Also another interesting note from the D23 2019 article as it stated, “Zootopia will be unique to Shanghai Disneyland”. When it was first announced at that D23 Expo and it was vague of what it meant.

Here’s a comparison of the previous concept art released and the new art at D23 Expo 2022:

Source: (©Disney)

Here’s also a new look for the ride vehicle as a maquette coming towards the expansion at Shanghai Disneyland:

Source: (©DisneyByMark)

Source: (©Disney Tourist Blog)

Another thing that the Zootopia expansion will have and featuring puppets that will be done by live performers to embrace the world of realism at the Shanghai Disney park.

No opening date or time frame was announced for the expansion and expect it down the line when the construction reaches a big milestone within the project.

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Source: Disney


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