Disney Parks Pitch Meeting: “Very Early” Concepts Shared For Walt Disney World Announced At D23 Expo

Just imagine for those who attended the Disney Parks panel or watched the livestream because majority of the announcements at panel were mainly all fluff and alluding updates from the 2019 Expo or aka a “pitch meeting”. However by the end of the panel as Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro said “I’m about to share something with you and it might make you nervous but, I think it will make you all excited!”.

Basically to get the point across as D’Amaro brought up Walt Disney Animation Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lee and Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Portfolio Executive Chris Beatty of “very early” concepts that were “very scarce” and not greenlighted projects. Also, there is no official timeline for any of these these concepts for the Florida resort.

The two parks that they were discussing for Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World and were all like “What If’s?…”.

Here’s what was being talked about over the weekend:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

For a longtime as Dinoland U.S.A. has been rumored for being changed up and has been demolished for certain areas of the park. Even with the complete removal of Primeval Whirl back in March 2020. Two big intellectual properties for those “What If’s?… were Zootopia and Moana. D’Amaro made it clear that “it’s still very early in the blue sky” ideation process.

Basically when a concept is first shown as a illustration towards the public or in the language of Walt Disney Imagineering, as the “Blue Sky” has endless possibilities and can come up with anything they can or “can allude” towards the boundless territories. They mentioned some thoughts on what “potentially” to be shown into that area, and to retain the philosophy views of the park.

Although that many fans have come in agreement that Dinoland U.S.A. does seem outdated but, it’s very likely that land would be a thing of the past years down the road. Important note to worth mentioning that not all “very early concepts” that are released at D23 Expo’s have a similar approach. Basically meaning that whatever the Imagineers are designing and coming up with, as it’s direct inspiration from their own in-depth research and how it could look for that certain park. If you look at the concept art down below as Disney’s Animal Kingdom, has the better impressions if any of these concepts move towards the production phases.

Source: (©Disney)

If you want a great breakdowns and do suggest checking out BlogMickey’s article and DSNY Newscast for “could be” down the line in the future for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Park:

Over Magic Kingdom for Walt Disney World in this Disney Parks pitch meeting as Jennifer, Chris and Josh were discussing of “what could beyond Frontierland and the spires of Big Thunder Mountain?”. As three IPs were being tossed around for Encanto, Coco and Disney Villains. D’Amaro kept the conversation moving forward for the “exploration of ideas” for the West side of the park. Here’s what each environment was shown at the parks panel:

  • Casita Madrigal:

Jennifer Lee as the head of Walt Disney Animation Studios was talking about the iconic home from Encanto of where Mirabel’s family lives and exploring their world in South America. With a potential concept of going through each of the family’s doors and what their “gifts” are represented in the blockbuster animated film. Disney does seemly in their view, want to expand the Magic Kingdom park some point in the future.

Check out the concept down below:

Source: (©Disney)

However it’s not certain if Walt Disney Imagineering has been thinking of this for quite some time now or have been developing these concepts for many years prior. Or another hypothetical variable for WDI have been waiting it out for when it’s a good economical time to proceed for the concepts to be greenlit. As right now for how the U.S. and global economy is in currently for inflation, as it can affect with the chance on a project’s certain budget outcome for the long run.

  • Santa Cecilia 

From Disney & Pixar’s Coco was introduced showing the potential of a flying experience or to some can be thought similar like “Flight of Passage” or “Soarin Around the World” at EPCOT and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As in this environment from the animated film from “what could” it look like from Santa Cecilia of where Miguel and his family lives at.

Source: (©Disney/©Pixar)
Source: (©Disney/©Pixar)
  • Disney Villains

What has been a very long rumor for years and if you have been a long life Disney Parks fan as the iconic Disney Villains as Chris Beatty tossed the idea, that their just “maybe” a land beyond Big Thunder Mountain just devoted towards them.

D’Amaro said that this area, that “will be overrun by villains” has always been an idea they were playing around with and has been at the back of their minds. Beatty did state that there were “7,000 other people” who would love to see this idea happen.

Source: (©Disney/©Pixar)

D’Amaro did clarify that some of these changes, particularly the possible Disney Villains area in Magic Kingdom park were planned for sometime, for a potential idea concept for guests to meet their favorite villains from the animated films and TV shows.

The mentality outcome for this end section of the panel from the higher up company execs about delivering and the promise of these ideas for, “what could and could not work” in the near future. But it’s likely safe to say that this whole trial and error for these plans in the works has a lot of mixed opinions for fans within the themed entertainment industry, and Disney in general for the vacation kingdom of Central Florida.

As of right now these are all just “hypothetical” speaking plans and a lot can change from now till the next D23 Expo in 2024.

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Source: Disney


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