Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro Pulls A “Sorta” MCU Style Timeline For Disney Parks Projects

If you are reading that headline correctly, this is not a joke. From everything that was shared at the Disney Parks panel at the D23 Expo over the weekend as Disney Parks Chairman, Josh D’Amaro pulled a “sorta” of Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios).

Just like how Kevin hypes up the fans for the upcoming projects coming down the pipeline for the studio, D’Amaro shared a whole timeline for the scope for the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products projects from 2022-2024. The only caveat for these projects and were all already previously announced. Basically giving like vague estimates for their time frames, in comparison of where Feige gives out exact dates for any of the upcoming MCU projects from San Diego Comic Con and so on.

If this isn’t any random coincidence I don’t know what else to tell you? Here you can see what was all announced for this year. The only thing that wasn’t mentioned in this timeline was for Walt Disney World’s Fantasmic! As Disney previously stated as it’s in cast member rehearsals as of recent.

Source: (©Disney)

Avengers Hulk is debuting this week at the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure that was also announced along Fiege himself. As the Campus will be part of the Multiverse Saga and to be aligned with the Phases from Marvel Studios.

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Source: Disney


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