The Muppets Are Coming To The Magic Kingdom?

Today has been an interesting day for theme park news around the community. WDWNT is reporting that the Muppets are coming to the Magic Kingdom at Liberty Square where the Heritage House is for a possible refurbishment and Muppet attraction. Guests will be educated and being taught of about American history. It is also being reported that this is in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company and Walt Disney Imagineering and details and further information have not been announced yet or by Walt Disney World for this educational attraction.


So what do I take out of this rumored information? For me I believe it is a perfect fit because one of the most popular Muppets which is Sam Eagle and the representation of Liberty Square and colonial America would be suitable for the Muppets to expand into a second park. The Muppets wouldn’t be just a focal point of remaining in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and children can learn the importance of our American history like Hall of Presidents for example. This would be also great exposure and not having the Muppets being tucked back where MuppetVision 3D is and more Muppet attractions can be recognize for different audiences.

Since also the Muppets were cancelled on ABC not too long ago, this would be somewhat of redemption for this iconic cast and where Kermit the Frog and rest of the gang can entertain family audiences in two different parks. So what do you guys think of this type of news? You think it’s a good idea to bring the Muppets towards the Magic Kingdom or they remain in Hollywood Studios? Let me know and for all of your Muppet fun and themed entertainment news keep checking back here at


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