Universal’s Orlando of Islands of Adventure Claims The Second Year By Traveler’s Choice Awards

That is indeed correct everyone, that Islands of Adventure is the second year winning the top and best amusement park by the Traveler’s Choice Awards under TripAdvisor. Park visitors and traveling fans vote each year of what they like and love about there favorite attractions and what makes them coming back frequently for the park they go towards the most. Islands of Adventure was voted number 1 through out Top 25 parks in the world.

This summer for Islands of Adventure will open up with Skull Island: Reign of Kong and the new refurbishment of the Incredible Hulk Coaster. Even though I tend to disagree on this list because, there is other great theme parks out their and should deserved to be explored and checked out because every park is different and unique for who there are as there own separate identity.



This is just all my personal opinion here but I do believe why Islands of Adventure was claimed the second year winning is because that, it is a mixed variety and broad range of rides and separate attractions for different park audiences to enjoy. The transitions and detailing makes Islands of Adventure so unique and cohesive from Marvel, Cartoon Lagoon, the Greek design of the attraction of Poseidon’s Fury and the restaurant of Mythos are examples makes it a great and detailed park.

Congratulations towards Islands of Adventure making it the second year winning and the Adventure Lives Lives On for this park that has been around since 1999.


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