Overhaul Of Changes Are Coming In The Future Towards Epcot At Walt Disney World

The D23: Destination D Amazing Adventures from today has been a home run and knock out of so many announcements and details of what came out of this event. The event so far has covered from Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and also Epcot at Walt Disney World.


Not to mention that Epcot will be soon celebrating it’s upcoming 35th anniversary celebration and towards fans that Epcot is the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow of Walt Disney’s project before his passing in 1966. Epcot has changed and grown rapidly over the years after the legacy that Walt left behind and continues to grow and evolve with new guest experiences and attractions.

Chairman Bob Chapek said from the D23 event today about these major changes coming towards Epcot and according towards Inside the Magic that: “A “major transformation” in the next couple of years. Mention was made of the park becoming “more Disney, timeless, relevant, family-friendly” while maintaining the original vision of the educationally-centered park. Chapek also said that his creative team had been challenged to “dream big” when it came to the upcoming transformations and that the results of that challenge should prove to be very exciting for fans.”


No other specific information or any other given details of a time frame of when these changes will take place but, for now all we can do is guess and speculate of they might be or not. For a great big beautiful tomorrow and everything Disney and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com!


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