Top 5 Nintendo Worlds We Would Like To See At Universal Studios Parks

For fellow gamers and theme park fans including myself that are either hardcore or casual fans of the pop culture and popular gaming company of Nintendo that today was a highlight of all announcements that the long awaited licensed IP franchise is finally coming towards Universal Parks between Japan and the United States. As someone who grew up playing the early days of Nintendo from the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii etc that were so many beloved worlds and characters that I loved growing up as a kid that I played through those numerous Nintendo consoles.

My most profound memories as a child were the days of Super Mario and Goldeneye (James Bond) on the Nintendo 64, Pokemon Red and Blue on the Gameboy Color and Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Gamecube. Still towards this day in which those were among of my favorite gaming IPs in the years of my gaming history even though today is next generation consoles of the Xbox One, PS4, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Just a small note and disclaimer that is all personal opinion and just a wish list and is not confirmed of what is going to be in the Universal Parks in Japan and the United States for the characters and worlds that they are creating by Universal Creative Entertainment and the teams at Nintendo.

Nintendo as all know that range from massive amount of characters and worlds that the company has developed through out the years. From the worlds in the perspectives from Zelda, Mario, Starfox, Metroid etc; that is hard to narrow down of what we could see or not at Universal Parks coming later on in the future. So with that being said here are my own Top 5 Nintendo Worlds that we would like to see at Universal Studios Parks in Japan and the United States.


5.) The Legend of Zelda



Save the world and save the princess that everyone’s favorite Hyrule warrior wouldn’t surprise me to make into Universal Parks because of how many fans treasure this beloved character and the childhood memories that they grew up playing The Legend of Zelda. From some of the popular and classic Zelda titles like “Ocarina of Time”, “The Twilight Princess”, “Majora’s Mask” that there is so many worlds that Universal Creative Entertainment in partnership with Nintendo could create for the parks.

In my mind that this would be tough to have a focal point for either or any of the parks for the Hyrule or Princess Peach’s Castle from Mario like Disney has there castles as there focal points when you first walk into the park. I would like to see towns like the Hyrule Castle Town for example, shops where you can get Zelda themed merchandise and collect treasure coins and hearts, restaurants that offer chicken and themed potion beverages or any kind like that. Also to include stage show entertainment experiences that react and highlight some of the classic scenes from the franchise and of course have Link’s famous flute for a music group. The detail is a must and through out the whole park like The Wizarding of World of Harry Potter has been created that is literally a copy and paste from the screen to real life.


As far as attractions go that is hard to wrap your brain around since I could likely see more of The Legend of Zelda as a aesthetically and complementing section of the park and could have character meet greet interactions with Zelda and Link and other beloved Nintendo characters. If you have possible Zelda attractions you can come up with, leave down in the comments below that could fit at Universal Parks.


4.) Pokemon

To become a Pokemon Master you gotta catch em’ all and work hard at it and battle it out with other Pokemon trainers and gym leaders to claim the best Pokemon in the world. Pokemon has been dating all the way back from the original Gameboy and towards next gen hand held and normal consoles and surely has progressed and improved through out the years. 90s kids defiantly remembered when the Pokemon animated TV series first appeared that were instantly glued towards there TV and discovered the realms of how many Pokemon species and types there were in the universal world of Pokemon.

As time and technology progressed and the hardware got much more better that the evolution from the original 150 Pokemon got more detailed and sophisticated that expanded the Pokemon species and types from other popular Pokemon games like “Pokemon Gold and Silver” and the current “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.


Also not to mention of the currently popular iOS/Android app game of Pokemon Go that came out on July 6th, 2016 that has been downloaded more then 500 million times worldwide from developer Niantic and became the next pop culture sensation.

Now I could see Universal guests using there mobile devices and can download a custom featured app that is specifically designed for the park and can catch certain Pokemon like the interactive game “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” at Walt Disney World. In which this way that, it’s a real time and realistic setting and capturing different Pokemon with any kinds of Pokemon balls through your screen and transitioning towards another screen and makes it feel like there guests are battling it out in capturing that kind of Pokemon.


Universal Creative Entertainment and Nintendo can put there guests from fan favorite Pokemon cities for example like Vermillion, Fuschia, and Meridian City to immerse and capture them that they are actually part of the world of Pokemon.  There would be Pokestops just like in the game and can interact with team members to help resupply your items before your next adventure and direct you the location or sighting of a Pokemon you want to capture. This would apply towards all parts of the park for the Nintendo expansion at Universal Parks.


3.) Super Smash Bros.

If you didn’t get a chance playing this game growing up then you clearly have missed out in one of the best competitive platform and fighting titles that Nintendo has ever came up with. Super Smash Bros like a arcade type of style dating back towards the days of the Nintendo 64 and a mash up of favorite characters like Zelda, Link, Mario, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Starfox etc. In the later titles they added more characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman, and the Wii U Fitness Trainer. Nintendo has created and put in different worlds into Super Smash Bros that range from the worlds of outer space from Starfox, Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda, tubes and running platforms from Mario that are popular and playable still towards this day.


Generally I think adding competition games towards theme parks is a great idea like Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters at the Disney Parks and is a great family and friend way to see who the better person at the game. Basically the way how I can see this happening is by Universal giving you a pair of 3D glasses and a controller and located by a pavilion of the park that is all dedicated towards the characters of Super Smash Bros.

With set designs that makes you feel like your in a temple hall of different Nintendo character statues and you can select your character by a interactive card to swipe with and there dialogue interacts with you from the game that is underneath the statue before entering the ride. What I mean by this is that would have a 360* screen and with your 3D glasses and controller that you sit in a ride vehicle that is always turning depending by the pacing of the game that you and can feel the action and smells like once you get a power up or a weapon to help knock out your opponent for example. This however is just a made up idea and if either way if Universal puts Super Smash Bros in the parks then, I am all for it.



2.) Metroid

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s other sincere and beloved games that has been dating back towards 1986 since the days of the Super Nintendo system before the evolution of games grown and gotten better. Famous space warrior Samus Aran with her exoskeleton suit giving her tremendous powers and abilities in executing her missions by the Galactic Federation while hunting Space Pirates and with their leader Ridley and parasitic energy draining organisms called Metroids.


Metroid I could see two of both ways as either a shooter type of style game like Toy Story Mania or make it like a roller coaster with screens similar towards “Escape from Gringotts” at Diagon Alley from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but, in the setting of Samus’s world and space combat and in her space ship with turns, dives, jumps, rolls etc. Also to include Ridley as a animatronic and seeing Samus and Ridley battling it off and seeing Samus saving the galaxy from the parasitic terror of the Metroids. Also having a Samus meet and greet with her in her exoskeleton suit and without it would be pretty cool to see in Universal Parks.



1.) Mario Kart

Lastly for the Top 5 Nintendo worlds we would like to see at Universal Parks is probably the most and highly requested for the famous and you guessed it, Mario Kart. This game can have endless possibilities and ways on where Universal and Nintendo can create and come up with for this big multiplayer or co op based game. My inner guess that it could be real life go karts with map projections on the bottom of the track and switch it up from fan favorite tracks (Rainbow Road please and thank you?!) and a trigger mechanism that can be triggered by a sensor and can give you a random item exactly from the game and to give you the feel from a random item like a mushroom, turtle shell, or star power.


Another guess it could be a roller coaster and can race through different sections of track but, just depends on the space and availability in order to fit a Mario Kart roller coaster. As long there is a character selection option for different Nintendo characters just like any other Nintendo titles that focuses on player vs player elements then I will be perfectly okay with this. Also the famous start up sound before starting a race and after the race would sell and make the Mario Kart attraction authentic and right exactly right from the game too.



So there is my Top 5 Nintendo games I would like to see in the Universal Parks coming later down the line. Although these were just random ideas if it were my own sandbox to put into the parks between Japan and the United States then hopefully the feedback would be well received.

The future is bright for the company with the partnership with Universal and with Nintendo’s newest console of the Nintendo Switch coming soon that, it is a great time to be a gaming and theme park fan. If there any other Nintendo world or character not mention on this list, leave a comment down below and suggest it. For everything Universal and major star power up and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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