Chairman and CEO Bob Iger of The Walt Disney Company Appointed To Join Trump’s Advisory Group

Well for you fellow Disney fans that are all aware of the big cheese of Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger, that some interesting news was announced over this weekend (Friday) in terms of now president elected Donald Trump taking the oval office next month. President elect Trump announced and appointed Chairman and CEO Iger and many other 16 business leaders to make up President Trump’s strategic and policy forum that will meet with him starting in February 2017. In Trump’s press release statement saying that “This forum brings together CEOs and business leaders who know what it takes to create jobs and drive economic growth. My administration is committed to drawing on private sector expertise and cutting the government red tape that is holding back our businesses from hiring, innovating, and expanding right here in America.”


Chairman and CEO Iger said in his press release statement that this is “non partisan” and in his statement that “The forum provides a non-partisan approach to key economic policy issues, reflecting an array of individual perspectives from a cross-section of industries,“.“I welcome the chance to be part of the important discussions about the most effective ways to grow jobs and expand economic opportunity in America.” according towards Variety Magazine.

Iger was ironically enough a Democratic donor towards the Hilary campaign during the presidential election before being appointed towards Trump’s advisory group. Iger did also noted that ” Disney has made an effort to encourage the federal government to look at tax policy — and has sought the closing of loopholes and also the lowering of the corporate tax rate.” according towards the LATimes .

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In addition with his statement that he noted that “We are no longer competitive with the rest of the world in that regard and that must be addressed,” he said. “It’s possible that given what’s going on this week that that’s likely to be addressed sooner rather than later.” Iger also added that the transition of power went a “fairly smooth start” and us Disney fans know that a Trump animatronic will be added towards the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World before July 4th, 2017.

Bob Iger is also joined by other major business leaders of this 16 member group forum including CEO Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone private firm equity group and a major SeaWorld Entertainment investor, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch; Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon; chairman, president and CEO of IBM, Kevin Warsh and many other forum group members.

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