Universal Studios Hollywood’s Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey 3D Effect Is Removed

This weekend has been some interesting news for company and theme parks that have been released this past Friday. Harry Potter fans in Southern California at Universal Studios Hollywood have now been informed that the 3D effects have been removed from Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey at the park to make it 2D like the original Forbidden Journey at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure that opened up in 2011.

This make it easier and eliminating the glasses and also towards riders that are sensitive towards motion sickness, vertigo, and dizziness for example that are not accustomed towards 3D rides. According towards Behind the Thrills for a press release statement about this change that “We continually evaluate our theme park experiences. By enabling the guests to enjoy Forbidden Journey without 3D is one example of how were assessing various opportunities.”


Now I haven’t been towards Universal Hollywood’s Forbidden Journey and only towards Universal Orlando’s original Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure and it’s a lot more better in the 2D immersive environment when Hermione casts her spell to levitate the chair through out the grounds of Hogwarts. The animatronics like the Dragon and the Dementors are spot and can feel like your part of the action that right up in front of your face during the course of the ride.

Now for those who are local or ever visited Universal Studios Hollywood’s Forbidden Journey for Harry Potter that, do you like this change or not and if not leave it in the comments section below. For everything magical and Universal and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com


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