One Night Only After Hours Event Of Star Wars At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As many of us are still excited and anticipating for the upcoming Star Wars expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that well, more offerings are coming soon of one of Disney’s biggest franchises that fans can experience in the park for Star Wars. Coming this April 14th, 2017 from 7:00pm-midnight EST that the park will be hosting a one night only-after hours event of “Star Wars: Galactic Nights” with everything Star Wars related for the whole family to do with shows and activities.


Keep in mind that this is just a one night only event for now and it could be quite possible or not that Disney will host and offer this event later down the road in the near future.

Tickets will be $129 for adults and children (3-9) $124 plus tax. Full details about the event can be founded here and to purchase tickets can be founded here. Also note that since tickets are already available to purchase them that, you’ll be placed in a waiting to queue to checkout of your purchase for them. Also keep in mind if your dressing up for the event be sure to check the costume guidelines and policies founded here.

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