More Details From Universal Of The Wet N Wild Hotel Property Development

Universal Parks and Resorts later down the line will adding two to three hotel themed properties in replacing the old Wet N’ Wild water park from the documents submitted towards the city of Orlando.

“Hotels will be branded/themed to complement existing on-site Universal hotels,” a presentation given to city officials says. Features will include “resort style” landscaping and pools, along with retail and food and beverage outlets.”

Back in March in which Universal filed plans for about 4,000 hotel rooms on site of Wet N’ Wild which closed down last year on December 31st, 2016. More details have submerged about the hotel property development.


Lowe’s Sapphire Falls Resort, one of Universal Orlando’s signature onsite hotels. 

A theme park shuttle service operated by Universal from resorts where guests will be staying on, will offer their service between the hotels and Universal Orlando theme parks across Interstate-4.

This will also include three parking garages that will be two to three stories tall each, on the property for the area. 1,200 rooms are located on the west side and the remaining of 2,800 on the east side that are split between Universal Boulevard. NBCUniversal’s CEO, Steve Burke’s stated goal of having 10,000-15,000 hotel rooms on the resort according towards Theme Park Insider.

  “Universal has asked for traffic concurrency approval for the project, known as Project 566. The proposed development at full build is expected to generate 17,720 daily trips. The development will promote transit and alternative transportation modes, a traffic study says.”

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Source: Orlando Sentinel


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