5 Things We Have Learned From Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay

Today is the official grand opening of Universal Orlando’s first and third water theme park and so far the response has been impressive for what Universal Creative has done and pulled off. This massive scale of this water park is huge that replaced the former Wet N’ Wild water park that closed down last year and today just wrapped up the final media event for the grand opening.

If your not familiar with Volcano Bay or planning on going towards it for your next Universal Orlando vacation, here are some things that we have learned from the past days from the events that Universal held.

5.) It’s not a water park, it’s a water “theme” park 

When the build up towards Volcano Bay during the construction process and it was questionable of what kind of detailing and themeing Universal was going to do before it opened up. Universal gain inspiration from real life Polynesian cultures from Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand etc; to incorporated it towards their designs for Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay isn’t just a simple low budget water park and the feedback from it in which that, it is indeed a top of line water theme park as Universal Orlando’s third gate park and the response has been fantastic.

The focal point of the whole park is the Krakatau Volcano that stands 200 ft tall in scale with pouring waterfalls and built in slides and other water fun attractions inside. Check out the image down below to let it sink in of how huge this park has come since it first broke ground in 2015.



4.) The food is fantastic! 

We all know that typical theme park food is the usual and normal chicken fingers with fries or pizzas just to name some. Well in this case if your planning on visiting Volcano Bay, you may wanna reconsider and think again of what some mouth water cuisine Universal has came up with. Did I ever mention that their is a freestyle Coca-Cola machine with their own exclusive flavor for the park?!


Just to name some tasty cuisine like the BBQ Chicken or Hawaiian Pizza that can be found at the Whakawaiwai Eats quick service restaurant or grab some refreshing cocktails at the Dancing Dragons Boat Bar with also some beers on tap too. Check out some of the tasty cuisine for Volcano Bay here to read of what might be your go to lunch, snack, or dinner during your time at Volcano Bay.


3.) Tapu Tapu makes things easier

The biggest push and influence that Universal was trying to utilize for their guests is the “Tapu Tapu” wristbands as part of the virtual queue system. Just as a refresher if your not to up to speed on the wristbands in which it literally and I mean, literally interacts with a good majority of the park from interactive features or special fx’s. The virtual queuing system in which you tap your wristbands towards a kiosk by one of the attractions to get a return time and also will notify you when your time is up, if their is a delay, or a hold up for the lines. It’s free of charge and by the end of the day all you need to do is return it until your next visit.

You will have no hassle in carrying around a wallet with cash or your credit card and able to make things easier and accessible when enjoying yourselves at Volcano Bay. You can download the official Universal Orlando app on your smartphone and can link it towards the Tapu Tapu wristband.


Some might think that this is similar towards Disney’s Magicband system and if your curious to know the difference in which Inside the Magic wrote up a good article to compare the two between Tapu Tapu and Magicbands. This is in the right step forward direction to make Universal guests less stressed out and not to worry about of their personal belongings getting lost or stolen when it’s on your wrists for your day at Volcano Bay.

2.) Admission is tolerable

Like any new theme park opens up in which a will be a low admission rate and will increase in increments through out the year. Volcano Bay surprisingly is a affordable rate starring at $67 for single day admission with lower day prices available for multi-day packages towards the other Universal Orlando theme parks.

Universal Annual Passes are included too and look on your local calendar to see when your passes are eligible or black out through out the season since today is only day one for the opening of Volcano Bay.

For more information for pricing and availability check out Universal’s official site for Volcano Bay and other of their theme parks.

1.) Slides, Slides, & More Slides

Volcano Bay has 18 different and unique waterslide attractions scatter through out the park. One of the most popular attractions is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster that is powered by aquatic magnetism that sends your soaring and zipping through the different ends of the volcano.

Feeling also brave enough? Take upon the Ko’okiri Body Plunge that is tallest dive waterslide at a height of 150 ft tall at a 70 degree angle drop that you will send yourself plummeting between 3-5 seconds fast. It is more taller then the Disney’s waterparks at Blizzard Beach of Summit Plummet which at 120 ft tall at a speed of 60 miles per hour.

The weight limit for the aqua coaster is 300 pounds for riders overall and unfortunately their isn’t any dark ride elements or special fx that was being speculated and has some on and off dark tunnels inside of the volcano. Check out the video down below for the Krakatau Aqua Coaster POV

From the media previews and the grand opening of Volcano Bay in which it has so far a warm welcomed reception and a genuine first and third water theme park in which Universal Creative has come up.

This water theme park will be many years to come to keep guests entertained and feeling like their in paradise as a escape from reality. We’ll see how much attendance it will draw in later down the line for years to come and also with Nintendo as a next major project for Universal.

From original storytelling, towards amazing cuisine and beverages, new merchandise items to buy, and well designed themed waterslides and a aqua coaster, Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay is a escape from home to be at their personal home for visiting guests.

For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com



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