The Disneyland Railroad And Rivers of America For New Magic At The Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort has been on hiatus for over a year now because of the rerouting of the Disneyland Railroad and Rivers of America with the Mark Twain because of the construction of the Star Wars expansion, opening some point in 2019. As many fans grow anxiously for the summer season and today we learned some new information about the track of the railroad.

Disney announced that the track will be left turn when traveling towards the extended track’s trestle like a bridge towards Rivers of America. This will give guest a beautiful scenic view of the new waterfront in showcasing Rivers of America and New Orleans Square and new waterfalls.


Disneyland park fans will also noticed a glimpse into towards Frontierland’s past of the relocation of the Indian village with more of a updated Native American shaman audio-animatronic. This was already confirmed from the concept show down below from last year but, it shall please fans that the village will be still intact and different location on the riverbank.


Their is still no confirmation “yet” for a opening date and Disney keeps saying this “summer” so do check back on the Disney Parks Blog for more updates for these two classical attractions!

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