Discovery Cove And Aquatica At SeaWorld Orlando Extends Deal And New Aquatic Animal Experiences

Discovery Cove and Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando in which starting up next month, on August 1st for their guests will have extended admission towards both parks. The resort’s guests will have unlimited admission to both of the attractions from that month of August 1st-January, 31st, 2018.

Guests originally had a previous 14-day window for Discovery Cove for admission towards the parks but, this will also let them enjoy lighter crowds through that time frame as a opportunity post-holiday season.


The new program will allow guests to swim with different species of sharks freely at Discovery Cove. Source: (©SeaWorld Orlando) 

The newest plan will allow visitors to experience holiday offerings as well during the less-crowded period of the first of the year. Two new activities to debut this month at Discovery Cove and for a extra fee, in which guests can swim with sharks and feed rays at the resort. Discovery Cove will now allow to swim and snorkel freely with Pacific blacktip, reef whitetip, nurse shark, zebra shark, and spotted wobbegong species.

The cost will be $85 on top of the regular Discovery Cove admission and SeaWorld will donate 5 percent of the proceedings towards the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which supports shark research and conversation. Shark swimmers must be age 10+ for a snorkeling session in the deeper areas of shark habitat.

Guests can get a private tour of the Grand Reef and will be educated by learning the brand new- stingray feeding experience. In which that they will learn about and hand feed about these amazing animals in the wild. The program costs $50 per person and participants must be at least 6 years old.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel




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