Blizzard Beach At Walt Disney World Possible Extends Virtual Queuing Testing

NOTE: This story is in current development and this information should be taken in as speculation and nothing is concrete or until Disney officially confirms it on their official media outlets. Details will be updated once the main media outlet has any further information about it. 

Earlier this year, in which the Universal Orlando Resort officially opened up their first and third water theme park of Volcano Bay next towards the expanded Cabana Bay Beach Resort. The park already announced and has plans for a 5-acre expansion even though the date hasn’t been officially announced about it.

Volcano Bay introduced a special queuing technology called “virtual queues” in which acts “somewhat” similar towards Disney’s Fastpass system and don’t have to wait around in lines and get a return time. The system was first pushed and installed of “The Tonight Show” host, Jimmy Fallon of Race Through New York back in April of this year. 

Now this is where things get real interesting at Disney’s Blizzard Beach at the Walt Disney World Resort as this could be an updated story of what is going on for the water park. Since the competition was really heating on between Disney and Universal because of Volcano Bay and in which Disney decided to hop on the fan wagon for the virtual queuing system for their attractions at Blizzard Beach. These attractions included the Downhill Double Dipper, Slush Gusher, and Summit Plummet.

The testing period lasted this year back in March through April 7th and Disney’s version of the virtual queue didn’t require any Magicbands or not on the My Disney Experience app online to be booked in advance. The system for what supposedly Disney is doing, that is currently in the works like their traditional Fastpass system in which guests will choose whatever attraction that they want to ride on and get a return time. Instead of a paper Fastpass in which guests get a waterproof card and wear it as a wristband for whatever the guest chooses to ride for that attraction.

However, we may of gotten some more updated details towards this story. These photos shown below were given by a personal friend of mine and was in line for the Downhill Double Dipper for these wristbands from earlier this evening. They’re were about 70+ guests in front of her in waiting in line to ride that specific attraction. The information I was received in which, she even asked a recreation manager and was tight lipped about it and “suggested” using their new system. Now ironically these could come down towards couple of solutions here for Disney’s newest queuing system.

IMG_2585 (1)IMG_2584 (1)

One possibility that, it could be that Disney received the feedback from the monthly testing and were secretive about it and decided by park management to extend the testing period and randomly selected guests. Second possibility if Disney is still dissecting the results and could consider putting out a guest survey once the system rolls out, some point in the near future. Lastly third possibility, it’s a way of Disney getting feedback of help to decrease wait times and guests can check wait times through out different seasons of the park or when they’re inside of the park.

Now since this is the only photos that I have received and until Disney sheds more light upon this subject matter, more details will be updated once we hear any conformation from them. In the mean time that is all just inner speculation and still treat it with a grain of salt even though the story details are still in development. It will be a interesting matter if Disney decides to pull the trigger and hop on board, since Universal Orlando is currently doing right now for their guests and experiences for them.

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