The Disneyland Railroad Returns Back This Weekend At The Disneyland Resort

“Your attention please! The Disneyland Limited, now arriving from a trip around Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Passengers will stand by to board.”

“Your attention please! The Disneyland Limited, now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom, with stops at New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toontown, and Tomorrowland. All passengers, board!”

If this opening dialogue doesn’t excite you in all by means in which the Disneyland Railroad is returning back this July 29th, 2017 for the Disneyland Resort! This iconic staple has been a popular motive of transportation and attraction to experience the scenic and magical view of Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom for the past 60 years.

Just a quick refresher in which the Disneyland Railroad, “Fantasmic!“, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Davey Crockett’s River Canoes, and the Mark Twain Riverboat were all on hiatus due towards the Star Wars construction to be opening up some point in 2019. The Disneyland Railroad has certainly seen a lot of changes through it’s years since’s the opening of the park in 1955 in undergoing certain different model changes of the steam engine.

“The Disneyland Railroad was one of our opening-day attractions on July 17, 1955, with two steam engines in operation. Engine No. 1 – C.K. Holliday – was named for Cyrus Kurtz Holliday, founder of the Atchison & Topeka Railroad (later the Santa Fe Railroad, established in 1859). The locomotive was built by WED Enterprises (now Walt Disney Imagineering) in Burbank, Calif., from a design inspired by Walt Disney’s model train engine, the Lilly Belle – centerpiece of his backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific.”



If you want to read rest of the history of the changes of the steam engines through Disneyland’s history of the railroad that can be read upon here. The railroad will reopen this coming weekend at the resort, and for a first time in which the railroad will make a left-hand turn as it circles around the park. It will also go through Walt Disney’s iconic dioramas of the Grand Canyon and Primeval World that have been restored towards it’s original state, with new magic added towards both of them!

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Source: Disney Parks Blog 


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