“Ash vs Evil Dead” Joins Halloween Horror 2017 Lineup At Universal Studios

“Hail to the King baby!” or those known famous words from the horror-cult classic of the “Evil Dead: Army of Darkness” from the “Evil Dead” franchise since the 1980s. “Evil Dead” joined the lineup for Halloween Horror Nights in 2013, when the rebooted-version of the film was released into theaters that year. It originally failed in being pitched as a sub-series towards different networks after the horror-cult classic films took a 21-year hiatus that lead up towards the film release in 2013.

In 2015 on Halloween night, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” the original television series was approved under the network of Starz and then later on with the debut of the third season to premiere this coming October 2017. This year’s Halloween Horror Nights at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort will be introducing the television series of it’s bloody-gore and carnage of the undead towards this year’s line up with FX’s “American Horror Story” and “The Shining”.


The forces of demonic evil will join this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Parks & Resorts

Ash Williams (played by no other than Bruce Campbell), once again accidentally released the demonic forces of evil of the Deadites in where the event’s scare victims will encounter the things or people who are possessed by the evil demons. “We’re going to take you, regardless of your awareness of the show or the characters, and throw you into the loud, brash, and very bloody world of Ash. There are Deadites to kill and evil to stop, let’s get to it.

Creative Director/Executive Producer, John Murdy and Creative Art Director, Chris Williams will be talking about more about this popular-cult classic fan base up towards the series at this year’s Halloween/horror convention of Midsummer Scream at the Long Beach Convention Center this upcoming weekend. The Halloween Horror Nights panel will be this Sunday, July 30th at 1:30pm PST and hopefully the full line-up announcement gets released?…

Ash vs. Evil Dead” will be based on the first two seasons on Starz and is also the 3rd announcement for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights in both between in California and Florida. Scare Zones and stage shows are to be announced and the event will kick off this Friday, September 15th-Saturday, November 4th, 2017 as a record-breaking for the event for selective nights.

Grab your boomsticks and chainsaws if you’re not thinking about them already! For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com

Source: Universal Orlando Blog



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