Disneyland Resort Disables Sales Temporarily For Annual Passes For New Customers

For local visitors that love enjoying the Happiest Place On Earth at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and seems like that there is no such thing as a “slow season” anymore. Crowd levels are becoming more and more extremely busy and crowded with the addition of the highly anticipated expansion of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that be called the planet of Batuu that will be opening up in 2019.


Now for anyone who is wanting to be a new annual passholder towards the resort, well some unfortunate news. From a Disneyland spokesperson this morning in which “The popular Southern California annual pass that allows visitors entrance to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on certain days year round will no longer be available for new customers, for the time being.” 

Starting today for Monday, November 20th, 2017 in which the $469 pass that is one of Disneyland’s least expensive annual passes, will go on hiatus until further notice. The annual pass option was removed from the Disneyland official site this morning. Annual passholders that are current in the Southern California area will still have the option to renew their passes. For anyone’s pass that has been expired will receive a letter from Disney in the mail in how to renew.

“Our annual passes are very popular with guests,” said Michele Himmelberg, a Disneyland spokeswoman. “We continuously seek the appropriate balance that helps manage demand for our product and allows us to deliver a world-class experience for all guests.” 

The current stats of how many are passholders are is an estimate of 1 million annual passholders in Disneyland officials and park operations are willing to spread out the demand of the upcoming projects as mention for Star Wars in 2019 and Pixar Pier•Pixar Fest opening in Summer 2018 at Disney California Adventure.

Back in 2014, in which Disneyland officials removed the annual pass to better manage the crowd levels that come on Sundays towards the parks and then official reintroduced it back in 2016. The Southern California Passport is one of two annual passes available for Southern Calfornia residents living in ZIP codes 90000 to 93599, from San Diego to north of San Luis Obispo.

The Southern California Select Passport, which allows visitors 170 days of access to both theme parks – mostly on weekdays – will still be available. It’s priced at $339.

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Source: OCRegister




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