Permits And Details About Super Nintendo World Coming Towards Universal Orlando

For this special holiday post today in which earlier this week news broke out about some exciting new details about the Super Nintendo World expansion coming towards Universal Orlando Resort. Speculation at first of where about’s Nintendo will be taking over the KidsZone at Universal Orlando but, permits have confirmed that speculation that it is set to get rid of that area of the park.

Local news station in Orlando, WTFV reports that the KidsZone area will be demolished in early 2018 and sources are also saying that the classic E.T. attraction will stay for now for a little more longer. Super Nintendo World is expected to open up, one year after Universal Studios Japan in 2020 and Orlando to open up in 2021. Plans for this major overhaul expansion will feature some classic Nintendo-IP characters of Donkey Kong, Mario related based attractions even the reports of the Donkey Kong Boom-Coaster and the major popular gaming series by Nintendo of “Mario Kart” in which permits filed back a while ago can be read upon here.

The expansion for Nintendo is being codename “Project 487” as a 8.8. acre expansion of the KidsZone takeover and the area behind Springfield (The Simpsons) will be used for the land.

Assignment Desk Editor for WTFV, Chip S., also reports that Mario Kart and Donkey Kong is going all out with a huge amount of space of Mario Kart being 76,916 square feet and Donkey Kong being the biggest of 204,993 square feet with an estimate 3 year construction time for Japan’s Nintendo expansion. Universal Studios Florida is ready to go out all out and be up against the competition for Walt Disney World’s big 50th anniversary in 2021 with all their projects announced at this summer’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

The expansion for Nintendo is supposedly going to be an acre larger than then Universal Studios current popular expansion of Diagon Alley from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Speculation from sources said that shooter type of attraction, MIB: Alien Attack could be getting to boot for also the mega popular media series of “Pokemon” taking over the attraction to spread out the Nintendo expansion. Nothing official or confirmed from Universal if they decide to move forward on that creative decision or not.

Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure is currently celebrating their huge improvement of the holidays this year of the collaboration of Macy’s as the world leader in balloon and parade float designs and the overhaul of Harry Potter holidays in both park locations. Chances are we won’t see any teases or announcements from Universal until after the holidays for the Nintendo project to let everyone enjoy their cheerful and festive spirit.

Universal also recently bought more land for a total of 10,000 acres in which we wrote up the story in which can be read upon here. The land properties across from Universal Boulevard and near Sand Lake Road in which the crazy amount of land that Universal bought up is big enough for a 4th park and a 2nd CityWalk addition. Possible chances we could see more Nintendo properties additions like Zelda’s Hyrule Castle and Kirby.

Also another big franchise to mix it up of the huge fantasy-franchise of Middle Earth of “Lord of The Rings” that now the rights are up for sale since Christopher Tolkien resigned as director of the Tolkien Estate in which NBCUniversal/Comcast can be after the race for getting the rights and possibility use for Park 4. Amazon is landing a multi-seasonal deal of a “Lord of The Rings” in which Amazon from industry insiders are saying that Amazon is paying at least $250 million just alone for the rights before any casting, production, or developments begin.


Between these two major IP-franchises between Nintendo and Lord of The Rings that Universal can take it so many different for creating premium and high quality caliber based attractions, expansions, food and merchandise and so much more.

Universal’s animation studio of Illumination Entertainment behind the popular animated films of “Despicable Me” and “Minions” is being reported working with Nintendo for a chance of animated film that The Wall Street Journal originally reported. This shows how much the investment of corporate synergy is between both companies of NBCUniversal/Comcast and Nintendo are deeply embedded in making this happen.


For now we have just to wait and see what Universal is doing for any official word or confirmation and for right now Universal is getting closer and closer to build up the popular gaming franchise of Nintendo.

Still no confirmation yet for Universal Studios Hollywood’s Nintendo expansion since we only details so far about Japan and Orlando. For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at




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